• Raising Bronx Voices
    Since the 1970s, Fordham students have been studying and contributing to the spirit of innovation and community renewal that has come to define what it means to be a Bronxite. Fifty years ago, a new art form burst forth on the streets of the Bronx, born from rich musical traditions and a spirit of innovation
  • In NYC and LA, ‘The Village’ Collective Creates Community for Emerging Artists
    Fordham grads are at the heart of a new collective giving artists and audiences space to develop and discover new works. How do up-and-coming artists break through, and how do people discover new and exciting art? A group of Fordham graduates thinks they have an answer. The Village is a new collective that the graduates
  • Rams Helping Rams: A CBS Journalist’s Tribute to Charles Osgood
    Journalism lost one of its best writers last month. Radio and television lost one of their best broadcasters. And I lost a friend and mentor. His name was Charles Osgood, aka the poet laureate of CBS News. I first met Charlie in 1973, when I was a sophomore at Fordham University. I had heard him
  • 5 Lessons for Entrepreneurs from the Jesuits
    One of history’s great startup success stories, the nearly 500-year-old Catholic religious order built a global network and helped create higher education as we know it. Founded in 1540 by the former soldier St. Ignatius Loyola—and starting with little more than a mission to help souls and do it heroically—the Jesuits quickly established themselves around
  • Fordham Gave Students $1 Million of Its Endowment to Manage—Here’s What They’ve Been Doing with It
    Since 2010, the Student Managed Investment Fund has helped launch graduates’ careers in the financial world. Researching companies in diverse sectors. Analyzing stock market data to understand trends. Deciding how best to invest more than $2 million of someone else’s money. This type of work happens daily at investment firms across the country. It also
May 2024

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