Every summer since 2008, the Fordham Alumni Theatre Company has produced works that give alumni actors, directors, writers, designers, and others an opportunity to practice and hone their craft with support from the Fordham Theatre Program. This year, the group is expanding its horizons, aiming to become a University-wide alumni arts project that showcases the work of Fordham graduates in all artistic fields, including dance and film.

The new group—now called the Fordham Alumni Company—is gearing up for an exciting summer celebrating alumni contributions to the arts. The celebration begins at the Lincoln Center campus on Monday, June 17, with the group’s ReBoot Launch Party, and continues with two festival weekends at the Lincoln Center campus that will bring together multiple generations of alumni across all artistic disciplines.

The “Fresh Art” Weekend (Aug. 2 to 4) will highlight works that are in development—“live” projects such as new play readings and dance workshops.

The “Canned Art” Weekend (Aug. 9 to 11) will feature completed works—primarily film projects of all types, lengths, and genres.

The company is seeking submissions from all alumni who have a theatre, dance, or film project that they’d like to present at this year’s festivals.

Submission requirements are as follows:

Film projects: A brief synopsis plus two DVDs or a digital copy of your complete project.

Theatre projects: A brief synopsis, a 15-page sample, and a full copy of the script.

Dance and other projects: A brief synopsis outlining the goals of the project and any supporting materials that help describe what you would like to present—for example, photos, artwork, video samples of choreography, etc.

Please send all submission materials to [email protected]. Or mail them to:

Fordham University
Department of Theatre and Visual Arts, Room 423
Attn: Elizabeth Margid
113 West 60th Street
New York, NY 10023

The submission deadline is May 31, 2013.

For more information about the Fordham Alumni Company, the June 17 ReBoot Launch Party, and the summer festival weekends, visit the group’s Facebook page (www.facebook.com/FordhamAlumniCompany).