The 2017 Faculty Spotlight, on display through Feb. 13 at the Ildiko Butler Gallery in the Lowenstein building, is a delicate reminder of the importance of chronicling the past— even if it is our own.

This year’s installment features the works of Colin Cathcart, an associate professor of architecture; Joseph Lawton, an associate professor of photography; and Fordham artist-in-residence Casey Ruble.

Ruble’s collages are focused on historical race riots, including the Knoxville Riot of 1919 and the Watts Riots in Los Angeles. Through a set of eye-catching collages, which were created using handmade silver impregnated paper, Ruble explores how we process some of the most contentious events in American history.

Cathcart, who has had worked on projects such as Stuyvesant Cove and the New Museum of Contemporary Art in Soho, juxtaposes snapshots, notes, sketches, prototypes, and drawings of his early days in architecture with his most recent projects. The display items, which he put together with his own students in mind, go back to the 1970s when he was a student, too, he said.

Lawton had a similar idea. The 12 black-and-white photographs exhibited chronicles more than two decades of his work in 10 different countries, including Italy, Indonesia, Turkey, and Vietnam.

“I show pictures that are not just from last year, but many years, to inspire in students that you don’t just take photographs for a couple months, or one or two years,” he said. “If you’re interested in it, this is what you do throughout your life.”

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