Meet Spencer Krell: a marketing student in the Gabelli School of Business and a freelance photographer. In his spare time, he has shot photos of Fordham students, from friends in his apartment studio to the Expressions Dance Alliance team on a rooftop. 

In this video, filmed before Fordham closed its campuses and shifted to online learning, Krell builds a scene in his Bronx apartment using a fog machine, Bluetooth lights, and broken mirror shards.

“I just love creating. I love setting a scene; I love making content; I love branding, marketing, and all that goes into photography or making some sort of campaign,” Krell says in the video. “The main thing photography has taught me is to stay in the moment and just to appreciate where you are, who you’re with, and to use everything around you to the best of your ability. And I also think that’s what Gabelli has taught me.”

Now, Krell is living in Basking Ridge, New Jersey, with his parents and younger brother. But he’s still shooting pictures — just from a different perspective. 

“Father McShane loves to highlight that most of your learning at Fordham University comes from outside the classroom, and I couldn’t agree more. Now that quarantine has become my new lifestyle, both my education and my photography have shifted a lot,” Krell wrote in an email. “Recently, I have been returning to the type of art I was able to make in high school, focusing on nature with willing members of my family helping out. I was even able to take a photo using my dad as the model! Hopefully my neighbors aren’t too worried about the kid running around with orange extension cords and blue lighting every day at sunset.” 


Taylor is a visual storytelling strategist in Fordham University's marketing and communications department, where she documents University life through photography and video. Since joining Fordham in 2018, she has served as a writer, photographer, videographer, and social media manager, dividing her time between University Marketing and Communications and the Office of the President. She earned her bachelor's degree in journalism from Stony Brook University's School of Communication and Journalism and her master's degree in public media from Fordham University's Graduate School of Arts and Sciences. Her work has appeared on NPR, NBC New York, and amNewYork METRO.