Bridgid Wojciechowski, a junior majoring in marketing at the Gabelli School of Business, has long had her eyes on the fashion world. But for a chance to study in England, she gave the world of cosmetics a whirl. This semester, Wojciechowski, a native of Buffalo, N.Y., has split her time between the classroom at Fordham’s new London Centre campus and the offices of skincare and perfume giant Elizabeth Arden.

Wojciechowski had previously interned for the fashion website Moda Operandi, and when she enrolled to study in London this spring, she thought she might continue in that vein. But when a placement manager mentioned that Arden needed an intern in their public relations department, she jumped at the opportunity.

The internship, has given her the opportunity to wear many different hats, she said recently by phone from Clerkenwell, where the London campus is based.

“I’ve been lucky that they include me in a lot of the creative brainstorming aspects for influencer gifts and different campaigns that they’re working on. I’ve definitely got a very active role there, which has been really nice. It’s not just making copies,” she said.

“I take all of the coverage that we get, compile it and send it to everybody in London that works for Arden. That’s been cool too, because they give me a lot of responsibility, which I’m grateful for.”

As part of the cosmetics firm’s London team, Wojciechowski has helped coordinate outreach efforts on the brand’s social media platforms, outreach to “influencers,” and the tracking of the success of those outreach efforts—skills that are applicable in other industries. And although her major is in marketing, she said the Gabelli School’s core curriculum has served her well, as she’s been able to discuss things like finance with her colleagues.

“The Gabelli core definitely prepares you for work in general,” she said.

Wojciechowski spent the semester in London as part of Fordham’s Study Abroad program. Living there isn’t dramatically different from living in New York, she said. The city is cleaner and the pace is slower, she’s noticed. And of course, she’s learned to take the “lift” instead of an elevator, and to be extra careful crossing the street, as cars drive on the left side.

In addition to splitting time between classes and her internship, Wojciechowski has made pilgrimages across the English Channel to Lisbon, Copenhagen, Milan, and Rome. When she is exploring London, Hyde Park, which is a short hop from where she lives, is her favorite haunt.

“I have always been a runner, so it’s really nice to be able to just walk there. I can also go for a run in the morning and after class or something. I just like the park, to get away from the city a little bit,” she said.

Wojciechowski has plans when she returns stateside to intern with New Era, a sports apparel  company in Buffalo this summer. But merry old England has treated her well.

“I really like London. Elizabeth Arden is awesome, the people there are super friendly. It’s been a really good experience for me.”


Patrick Verel is a news producer for Fordham Now. He can be reached at [email protected] or (212) 636-7790.