For the third year in a row, Fordham University’s MBA programs have been ranked in the upper echelons by CEO Magazine.

As with last year, both the MBA and EMBA programs were ranked in the tier one category in the magazines’ Spring 2012 issue.

The MBA program was included with 39 others in the North American regional ranking, along with the likes of Princeton, Georgetown and Vanderbilt Universities, in that category. The Executive MBA program is ranked within the Global EMBA Rankings.

It is the fourth annual ranking of Global MBA programs for the magazine, which is published in London by the Callender Media Group.

In addition, Francis Petit, Ed.D. associate dean for executive MBA programs, wrote an article for the magazine, “The Moment of Truth for Executive MBA Programs.” In it, Petit identified three market indicators that are presenting a challenge to EMBA programs:

-Decreasing corporate sponsorship;

-Changing EMBA student expectations and program perceptions;

-Geographical shifts for new program opportunities

He suggested business schools respond by:

-Promoting students’ return on investment

-Changing internal mindset away from attitudes that treat EMBAs as “cash cows.”

-Reposition the offering to include programs such as Fordham’s “Wellness Initiative,” which emphasizes a well-rounded approach.

“Executive MBA programs are at a crossroads. Recent trends indicate an industry that is changing and evolving,” he wrote. “Business schools must not only understand these trends and developments but must also be proactive and strategic in moving the industry forward. The time is now.”

—Patrick Verel