Instagram has been one of our favorite outlets for showcasing the University community, and it’s also clearly one of yours as well, as a little over 15,300 people currently follow us at As with last year, we went back through the year’s posting and picked out our favorites.

Joanna Mercuri

Oedipus Tyrannosaurus Rex: Sheer. Brilliance.

Tanisia Morris

A snowy, wintry day in #NYC ❄️ Photo by @fordhamramblers • #Fordham #cunniffefountain #rosehill #bronx #snow

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This photograph of the Rose Hill campus after a snowfall is ethereal.

I like the backdrop of this image of Lincoln Center from the Lowenstein building. It really captures the stillness of the city.

Rachel Roman

Nothing beats fall foliage at Fordham (like the alliteration?), and I love when we showcase the Calder Center.

#merrychristmas #bronx #rosehill #fordham #verymerry

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This photo is beautiful. I’m making a Christmas card out of it.

Janet Sassi

There are no truer words of wisdom than the advice for new freshmen from this real New Yorker: Shop at the Dollar Store, where you can wander aimlessly for hours buying things you may or may not need, and still come out ahead.

With four years behind them, we asked 2016 graduates to recall the song that summed up the overall sentiment of their college experience.

Tom Stoelker

TOUCHDOWN! Fourth quarter, 47-14, Rams winning 🙌🏈 #RCCup #GoRams #fordhamfootball

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One of many touchdowns scored this season by the Rams, but this one is at Yankee Stadium for the Ram Crusader cup—which we won.

A late fall sunset over Fordham’s Westchester campus highlights the modernist gem by architect Victor Bisharat.

Patrick Verel

Keating Hall and the moon. It’s a winning combination. #rosehill #fordham2016 #awesome

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May 20, 2016: Twas the night before commencement, and under a vibrant full moon, you could practically feel the energy of graduations past amidst empty seats on Edwards Parade.

The Ram is the official mascot of the University, but for my money, the black squirrel rules the roost at Rose Hill.


Gina Vergel

Fordham offers so much to its students, but I love seeing when young people from NYC and beyond can enjoy our beautiful campuses!

Father McShane reading to little children? Instant favorite.


Patrick Verel is a news producer for Fordham Now. He can be reached at [email protected] or (212) 636-7790.