With two weeks left in the annual Recyclemania Challenge, Rose Hill’s Campbell Hall has taken the lead in both the paper/cardboard and glass/metal/plastic categories, at .76 pound per person and .67 pounds per person, respectively.

According to results released on Tuesday, March 19 by consultant Wake Forest, Campbell Hall residents knocked next door neighbors Salice-Conley Hall out of the top spot in the glass/metal/plastic category, which it had occupied for four weeks.

Lincoln Center’s McMahon Hall continues to generate the least amount of trash of anyone, a mere 1.37 pounds per person.

Rose Hill’s Tierney Hall generated the least amount of trash on campus, 2.18 pounds per person. That was tempered by the fact that the building also recycled the least amount of glass metal and plastic, .6 pounds per person. Only three residence halls collected less paper and plastic than Tierney, which at 152 residents is the second smallest on campus.

As for the top garbage generator, the folks in Martyr’s Court took top billing, with a whopping 4.45 pounds of trash per person. Nearby Queens Court gave them a run for the money, with 3.81 pounds per person, but apparently Martyr’s folks know garbage. Might want to take a tip form the folks over in Campbell guys!

Recyclemania continues through April 1. For more information, visitrecyclemania.com