Three weeks into Recyclemania 2013, all the action in the competition to see which Fordham residents have a better knack for collecting cans, bottles and paper is confined to the northwest corner of the Rose Hill campus.
According to results released on Tuesday, Feb. 26 by consultant Wake Forest, Martyr’s Court, which recycled both the most glass, metal and plastic, and paper and cardboard in the first week of the competition, came out on top in the latter category this week, with .87 pounds of paper and cardboard per person.
The residents of neighboring Salice-Conley Hall, on the other hand, took top honors in the glass/metal/plastic category this week, with .76 pounds per person. This was the second week residents there led in that category.
At the other end of the spectrum, the residents of Alumni Hall South managed to recycle the least amount of glass, metal and plastic (.37 pounds per person) and the least amount of paper and cardboard (.48 pounds per person).
But hey, they also generated the least amount of trash of anyone on Rose Hill, with 4.09 pounds per person. As in past weeks, it was a trifle compared to the 2.79 pounds per person generated by the Lincoln Center campus residents who call McMahon Hall home. But it was still better than Martyr’s Court’s 6.41 pounds of trash generated by person.
Recyclemania continues through April 1. For more information,