With new classes, new professors, and a new schedule, the start of a semester can be a big adjustment. But at Fordham, new members of the community don’t have to look far to find support and camaraderie.

First-year Fordham College at Rose Hill student Kamalani Soriano from Bethesda, Maryland, sat down with Daniel Kohn, a chemistry lecturer, to discuss campus life at Fordham and what it’s like to be in New York City.

“I really wanted to be in New York,” said Soriano, who debated whether she wanted to be directly in a big city or simply near one. “I think Fordham was a perfect culmination of both worlds. … It feels like home.”

She told Kohn that she’s had many opportunities to explore the city.

“I have had so many fun New York moments. I can’t even choose,” Soriano said. “It’s so interesting how the world just kind of moves around you here.”

Check out their conversation to learn more about their backgrounds and their Fordham experiences.