Om Bhosale had never been to New York City—or anywhere in the United States—until he started at Fordham last year.

“I was very nervous when I was coming here—halfway through the flight, I was like, ‘Oh, my God, I’m really going,’” said Bhosale, an international student from India who is now a sophomore in the Gabelli School of Business.

But since he’s arrived on campus, Bhosale has found his community; he’s been thriving as a student leader and business student.

A Global Entrepreneur

Studying at Fordham has allowed Bhosale to combine two interests—entrepreneurship as part of his business administration major and global business as a minor.

Bhosale is a student at the Rose Hill campus, but he’s excited to take classes for his minor at Lincoln Center, where the Gabelli School focuses on global business.

“We always have that comforting place other than home, so Rose Hill will be my home,” he said. “But I have a lot of friends at Lincoln Center … and [it’s] a prime location,” he said, noting that the Manhattan campus inspires the creative side of him.

Bhosale said that it was the curriculum that drew him to the Gabelli School, particularly its Ground Floor course for first-year students. The course gives students a background in the major areas of business before asking them to propose a brand-new business idea that meets a current need.

Acting as a consultant, he made a presentation on a company and helped develop an idea for a startup with classmates. “It kind of gave me first-hand experience as to what my future would look like,” he said, and it made him sure he wanted to pursue entrepreneurship.

Community Leader on Campus

Outside of the classroom, Bhosale serves as a leader with the Hindu Students Council, the cultural board of Campus Activities Board, and the International Students’ Association. He’s also a Ramfluencer, making videos and content for Fordham’s social media channels. A favorite is one he made on the Ram Van.

“I cannot stop bragging about it to my friends—I literally go by a shuttle to Manhattan,” he said with a laugh. “So I’ve always loved the Ram Van, and I also made a video on that because I wanted to cover all the points that I did not get to know while I was at home in India.”

He also did a video on Global Transition, a preorientation program specifically for international students.

“I believe that it made me feel at home because when I came here, I was very scattered—I didn’t know what to do,” he said. “But Global Transition, they took us out on an excursion. I went to The Edge. I was in awe when I went to the observatory, and I saw the whole of New York. I was like, ‘Okay, I’m living my dream.’”

Bhosale said that he also made some of his first friends in the program because they all were dealing with similar challenges of being far from home.

Recognized for Success

His efforts to enhance campus community, culture, and academic excellence were recognized last year when he received the DEI Innovative Leadership Award from the Gabelli School of Business.

He said that made him even more excited for his next few years; he plans to get involved at the Fordham Foundry, study abroad with Fordham London, and intern in the city.