Full-time students with a bachelor’s degree in social work can now start their master’s degree coursework in person at Fordham during the spring semester and complete their degree in August.

Now we are enabling students to come to campus and have the same opportunity to complete the program within a quick time frame as an online student would have,” said Melba Remice, assistant dean for admissions at GSS. “This is for students who really want the ability to complete the program quickly, while gaining experience, skill sets, and knowledge in an in-person setting.” 

What Are Advanced Standing Students? 

Advanced-standing Master of Social Work (M.S.W.) students already have a bachelor’s degree in social work and are now pursuing graduate school. What separates them from traditional students in the same program is the amount of coursework they are required to complete. In Fordham’s Master of Social Work program, full-time traditional students usually take up to two years to complete their graduate degree. But advanced-standing students who have already completed coursework and fieldwork in social work as undergraduates can apply their experience to their graduate programs and complete their master’s degree in less than a year. They save time—and money, said Remice. 

Saving Time and Money, While Studying in Person 

For years, Fordham allowed its full-time advanced-standing students to begin coursework only during the fall semester, not in spring, due to the nature of their coursework and fieldwork. (Only part-time advanced-standing students could begin school during the spring semester.) Starting in spring 2024, those students will be able to start their master’s program in the spring semester in either an online setting or in person, completing their degrees by the end of August. 

“The advanced-standing program provides graduate students more flexibility, a quicker timeline, and on-campus networking opportunities to advance their careers,” Remice said. 

The application deadline for Spring 2024 is Dec. 1. Learn more about the on-campus M.S.W. program.  


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