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Trauma Spectrum Disorders: Reintegrating America’s Returning Warriors

Thursday, June 15, 2023, 25 p.m.


Much attention is given to returning veterans with war-induced syndromes, such as PTSD. An estimated 10% to 20% of returning soldiers have PTSD. The experiences of the other 80% to 90% are not as well understood, including whether or not their experiences are clinically significant or indicative of psychosocial problems. There is a growing body of literature on subthreshold posttraumatic stress disorder, but little empirical evidence on subthreshold PTSD and its implications. Reliance on diagnostic models of psychiatric disorders has led to a lack of investigation of the posttraumatic sequelae that do not meet the criteria for a PTSD diagnosis and has limited the way clinicians interact with returning veterans.

This class will discuss the subtle aspects of coming home from a war zone, the nature of the subclinical presentation of PTSD, and what social workers should be attuned to with respect to returning warriors. Intimate stories from real cases, and Colonel Jeffrey S. Yarvis, Ph.D., will use his own wartime experiences to explore the challenges associated with caring for warriors and their families when the warrior comes home with so-called war-induced trauma spectrum disorders, military sexual trauma, moral injuries, substance use disorders, intimacy and communication concerns, and readjustment issues to the family, the workplace, and campus. Issues particular to female veterans and the role of social workers also will be addressed. Finally, social justice and social impact issues will be considered, as well.

Completion of this class will result in the receipt of 3 continuing education hours.

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