The Orthodox Christian Studies Center at Fordham University has a group of scholars on hand who are available to discuss the situation in Ukraine.

The scholars and journalists are part of a multi-year $700K project seeking to understand the relationship between Orthodox Christianity and multiple forms of human rights that brings together historians, political scientists, religious anthropologists and theologians.

Within this group of 25 scholars, nearly half have expertise in Russia/Ukraine/Balkan regions and/or understand the ways in which Putin’s instrumentalizing of religion has built transnational networks reaching even into the United States.

This unique project, funded by the Henry Luce Foundation with additional support by the Leadership 100, brings together a collection of elite scholars who understand religious dimensions of the situation in Ukraine. Read more about this group of scholars and journalists here.

The Center’s co-directors are also available for interviews.

Read “The Orthodox Response to Putin’s Invasion,” by George E. Demacopoulos, our Fr. John Meyendorff  & Patterson Family Chair of Orthodox Christian Studies and a co-founder and director of our Orthodox Christian Studies Center.

About the Orthodox Christian Studies Center at Fordham:
The Orthodox Christian Studies Center facilitates, finances, and publishes scholarship on the history, thought, and culture of the Orthodox Christian world. Through lectures, scholarly publications, and student initiatives such as the Orthodox Christian Fellowship and the Orthodox Christian studies minor, the center promotes serious scholarship and lifelong learning. The center’s work paints a broad picture of Orthodoxy’s history, religious traditions, and geographical, geopolitical, and cultural reach.

Aristotle Papanikolaou, [email protected]
George Demacopoulos, [email protected]
Gina Vergel, 646-579-9957, [email protected]


Gina Vergel is Senior Director of Communications. She oversees the digital news coverage, public relations, and social media for the university. Before joining Fordham in 2007, Gina worked as a reporter for the Home News Tribune, and The Ridgewood News, where she won Society of Professional Journalist (New Jersey chapter) awards for breaking news and feature writing, respectively. She can be reached at [email protected] or (646) 579-9957.