Fordham University President Steps Down After 19 Years
NBC NEW YORK 04-22-22
Father Joseph McShane reflected on his last two decades leading one of the most prominent Jesuit universities in the country.

NCAA Coaching Carousel: Fordham Officially Elevates Keith Urgo To Head Coach
Forbes 04-26-2022
After former head coach Kyle Neptune succeeded Jay Wright at Villanova last week, Fordham on Thursday officially named interim head coach Keith Urgo as his successor. Urgo, who brings over 20 years of coaching experience to the position, served as the associate head coach at Fordham in 2021-2022.


The Long Holy War Behind Putin’s Political War in Ukraine
The New Yorker 04-21-22
At conferences, on Zoom, and on Public Orthodoxy, a Web site hosted by the Orthodox Christian Studies Center at Fordham University, they have engaged in arguments that are often abstruse, but the underlying feeling is simple and shared: Anyone paying attention should have seen this coming.

Here’s Why You Shouldn’t Take College Rankings Lists At Face Value
Forbes 04-22-22
Fordham University (NY)

From New York’s ‘number-one bird killer’ to wildlife haven: How the Javits Center went green
Yahoo! News 03-22-22
In a 2014 study, by New York’s Audubon Society and Fordham University, Canada geese, American Kestrels, herring gulls, great black-backed gulls, rock pigeons, mourning doves, fish crows, barn swallows, northern mocking birds, European swallows and house swallows were spotted visiting the Javits.


Fordham University President Steps Down After 19 Years
NBC NEW YORK 04-22-22
Father Joseph Mcshane reflected on his last two decades leading one of the most prominent Jesuit universities in the country.


Marjorie Taylor Greene to right-wing Catholic site: How come “God hasn’t destroyed” America?
Salon 04-27-2022
“There used to be a genuine ‘ecumenism of the barricades’ among culture-war believers, like the old First Things crowd in the Richard John Neuhaus days,” said David Gibson, director of Fordham University’s Center on Religion and Culture, referencing the ecumenical Christian right magazine that helped cement the partnership between conservative Catholics and evangelicals. “But they were believers.” Greene and Voris, by contrast, he continued, “seem to be political performers following a script more than scripture. They are so alienated from their respective faith communities it is hard to see them as evangelical Protestant or Roman Catholic. They seem to be trying to pump each other up more than pursuing some actual goal.”

Marjorie Taylor Greene says Catholic Church is ‘controlled by Satan,’ in remarks on bishops and the Catholic League
America Magazine 04-28-2022
“This isn’t about Catholicism. It’s not about Christianity. It’s just about each of these players trying to generate more income and more attention,” David Gibson, head of the Center on Religion and Culture at Fordham University, told America. 


Arizona is set to execute Clarence Dixon. Here are 2 key issues to watch
KJZZ Public Radio 04-27-2022
Deborah Denno is the founding director of the Neuroscience and Law Center at Fordham University’s school of law and an expert on the death penalty. The Show spoke with her for more insight on the case.


The Long Holy War Behind Putin’s Political War in Ukraine
The New Yorker 04-21-2022
Last week, on Fox News, George Demacopoulos, a theologian at Fordham who has been honored as an archon—a distinguished Christian—by Bartholomew I, the ecumenical patriarch of Constantinople, declared that “Putin is an instrumentalizer of religion.”
“What we’re seeing on full display” in the R.O.C.’s support for Putin “is a kind of rejection” of that ethos, “a kind of religious nationalism that in many ways is cancelling out the other,” Aristotle Papanikolaou, an Orthodox theologian at Fordham, who helped draft the document, said at the Georgetown conference. 

Orthodox Christianity splinters as Russia ignores calls for Easter ceasefire in Ukraine
KCBS Radio 04-25-2022
For more, KCBS Radio news anchor Patti Reising spoke with Aristotle Papanikolau, Co-founding Director of the Orthodox Christian Studies Center at Fordham University.

Dunning-Kruger Discussion
Daily Nous 04-25-2022
Amy Seymour, assistant professor of philosophy at Fordham University, writes: The claims made by Blair Fix in “The Dunning-Kruger Effect is Autocorrelation” are both vastly overstated and ones to which David Dunning has responded. Notably, [Joachim Krueger and Ross Mueller] Kruger himself* raised the original statistical complaint twenty years ago (with Mueller in 2002, Journal of Personality and Social Psychology), but Kruger also refutes that complaint in the immediately following article in the very same issue of the journal (with Dunning, 2002). The responses to the complaint seem compelling and there’s lots of further research which suggests the effect is fairly robust.

Some of Eric Adams’s Hires Have Troubling Pasts. He’s Fine With That.
New York Times 04-27-2022
“If he spends the vast majority of his time dealing with the fallout of people in his inner circle who have behaved or are behaving badly, then that means he can’t do his job,” said Christina Greer, a professor of political science at Fordham University. “And he seems really excited to do this job.”

Hochul Honeymoon Is Over for Livid Albany Lawmakers
NBC-4 New York 04-27-2022
“Republicans are motivated in ways Democrats aren’t,” said Christina Greer, a political scientist and professor at Fordham University. “If Republicans can make a case to voters to turn out… Then she’s got a much tighter race.”
“We can’t forget that we had a three-term Republican governor,” Greer said, pointing to former Gov. George Pataki.

‘Throughline’: How rats became one of Earth’s most successful mammalian colonizers
NPR via KMSU 04-26-2022
“This is Dr. Jason Munshi-South. He’s a professor of biology at Fordham University in the Bronx, where he leads his own research lab.”

Still thinking about Ketanji Brown Jackson
New York Amsterdman News 04-28-2022
Christina Greer, Ph.D., is an associate professor at Fordham University, the author of “Black Ethnics: Race, Immigration, and the Pursuit of the American Dream,” and the co-host of the podcast FAQ-NYC.


NCAA Coaching Carousel: Fordham Officially Elevates Keith Urgo To Head Coach
Forbes 04-26-2022
After former head coach Kyle Neptune succeeded Jay Wright at Villanova last week, Fordham on Thursday officially named interim head coach Keith Urgo as his successor. Urgo, who brings over 20 years of coaching experience to the position, served as the associate head coach at Fordham in 2021-2022.

Fordham University seeks new coach for basketball program
News 12 Bronx 04-21-22
The Fordham University basketball program is still reeling from the sudden departure of its head coach, Kyle Neptune, after just one season on the Rose Hall campus.

Jay Wright to remain at Villanova, explains why he’s retiring; Kyle Neptune introduced as new coach
Philadelphia Inquirer 04-22-22
Here’s what Neptune had to say about taking over for his mentor and former boss:First, I want to thank the Fordham community for really accepting me… I really appreciate you guys and thanks for giving me a chance.

Villanova’s Jay Wright retiring as coach; Fordham’s Kyle Neptune taking over
ABC News 04-21-22
Fordham’s Kyle Neptune, who spent 10 years under Wright as a video coordinator and an assistant coach, will take over as Villanova coach.

Neptune Was Brief, Rams Made Progress
NY Sports Day 04-21-22
Kyle Neptune had a vision to rebuild the Fordham Men’s basketball program when he was hired to be their head coach last March with a five-year contract.

Women’s Tennis Shuts Down Rutgers-Camden, Secures #2 Seed in NJAC Tournament
New Jersey City University Athletics 04-21-22
Jersey City will face one last NCAA Division I opponent, Fordham University, on Saturday, April 23, at 1:00 p.m.

Kyle Neptune Officially Introduced As Head Coach
The Villanovan 04-22-22
Neptune rejoins the Villanova community after spending the last year as head coach at Fordham University.

Old dogs teach O.B. athletes new tricks
Herald Community Newspapers 04-22-22
Ed Kull, the athletic director of Fordham University and the father of an Oyster Bay Little Leaguer, will also help run the clinic.

Women’s Tennis Takes on Division I Fordham to Close out Regular-Season Play
New Jersey City University Athletics 04-23-22
The New Jersey City University women’s tennis team has wrapped up its 2022 regular-season at the home courts of Division I competitor, Fordham University.

NFA baseball trying to shed growing pains – Norwich Bulletin
Norwich Bulletin 04-24-22
He was the basketball coach at Fordham University when I arrived onto the Bronx’s Rose Hill campus in the fall of 1980. Being in the media capital of the world, Penders was the most quoted coach in the country during his eight seasons (1978-1986) at Fordham.

Report: Bruiser Flint interviews for Fordham job
WHOP 04-25-22
Kentucky Sports Radio reports Kentucky associate head coach Bruiser Flint has reportedly interviewed for the head coaching opening at Fordham University.

Meet Kyle Neptune, the Villanova Wildcats’ New Leader
Main Line Today 04-25-22
During his single season directing the Fordham University program, Neptune and his staff dressed as if it were 2019.

Fordham Basketball Coaching Search Odds
HoopDirt 04-25-22
Current odds to replace Kyle Neptune (Villanova) as the head coach at Fordham.


The Smooch That Sealed the Deal
The New York Times 04-24-22
Both soon learned that they had each graduated from Fordham in the Bronx — Mr. Cordell in 2011 and Ms. O’Conor, who attended on a soccer scholarship, in 2014 — and were living in Manhattan.

Hamilton Zanze Names New Chief Executive and Expands Shareholding Partnership from Within
WICZ-TV 04-21-22
John Gilmore, Managing Director of Project & Risk Management John joined HZ in 2006, bringing experience as a construction manager, risk manager, and asset manager. At HZ, he specializes in budgeting, project management, risk management, insurance, conservation initiatives, and telecommunications initiatives. He holds a B.S. in Industrial Engineering from California Polytechnic State University and an M.B.A. from Fordham University. He lives in Paso Robles, California.

Special Education Law Attorney Tracey Spencer Walsh Launches Podcast Featuring Experts in the World of Special Needs
WICZ-TV  04-21-22
Tracey’s passion for law has extended into teaching. She has served as an Adjunct Law Professor at Fordham University School of Law (her alma mater) and designed the first Special Education Law course at the law school. 

The Undocumented Youth Changing New Mexico
Yahoo! News 04-21-22
“Mexican individuals who immigrated to the U.S. before age 13 have a significantly higher risk of developing mood and anxiety disorders than those who do so later in life,” Esquivel said, quoting from a 2018 research paper by [Fordham University [alumna Isabelle Cooper-Perales]. “This may be because of their fear of being deported and separated from their family.” 

‘Worth a lifetime of PTSD’: Cradling a Ukrainian infant, a Post Falls Marine and counselor finds meaning in his pain
Yahoo! News 04-24-22
Now, Malone is a licensed master social worker with a bachelor’s degree in psychology from the University of Hawaii and a master’s from Fordham University.

Do John and Martha Mitchell Stay Together or Did They Divorce?
The Cinemaholic 04-23-22
John Mitchell was originally from Detroit, Michigan, but spent his childhood in Queens, New York. He received his law degree from Fordham University School of Law and started practicing law in 1938.

ZCG Adds to Credit Investment Team
Business Wire 04-25-22
Mr. Vladescu has a B.S. in finance from Fordham University, Gabelli School of Business.

Amanda Seyfried Net Worth 2022: How Much Does Amanda Seyfried Make As American Actress?
NovaScotiaToday 04-24-22
[Amanda Seyfried] studied opera as a teenager and graduated from William Allen High School in 2003; she had planned to attend Fordham University in New York City, but she opted not to after being cast in the film “Mean Girls.”

Ch. 15- WEST SIDE STORY | Broadway Podcast Network
Broadway Podcast Network 04-25-22
Jennifer Delac- A graduate from Fordham University (Lincoln Center) with a BA in Theatre, Jennifer is now pursuing her MFA in Directing at the Pennsylvania State University under the mentorship of Susan H. Schulman.

Speaker Announced for 2022 Commencement
University of Scranton 04-26-2022
Rev. Herbert B. Keller, S.J., vice president for Mission and Ministry at The University of Scranton, will serve as the principal speaker at the University’s undergraduate commencement ceremony on May 21. The ceremony will begin at noon at the Mohegan Sun Arena at Casey Plaza in Wilkes-Barre.

Where is Katie Dolan Now?
The Cinemoholic 04-27-2022
As a double major (Physics and Political Science) graduate of Fordham University, with a minor in Concentration in American Catholic Studies, Katie [Dolan] has actually bounced around a lot in her career — just like she said. 


Sister Agnes Kelleher, O.S.U.
Catholic New York 04-21-22
Born in Manhattan, she entered the Ursuline Sisters in 1936 and professed final vows in 1942. She held a bachelor’s degree in education from Fordham University and a master’s in education from The Catholic University of America, Washington, D.C.

Donald W. Murphy 1925 – 2022 04-24-22
Bill graduated from Fordham Preparatory School and Fordham University in New York.

Edward J. Shaughnessy
The Poughkeepsie Journal 04-23-22
He continued his graduate education at Fordham University in European History, receiving a Master of Arts and was later awarded a Masters degree in Theology studies from Manhattan College.



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