After race-conscious admissions: Three presidents reflect on the Supreme Court decision and Jesuit mission
Conversations on Jesuit Higher Education 09-10-2023
Tania Tetlow on the advantages and disadvantages of focusing on class, not race, in developing diverse student communities: The advantages are that class is an issue that should have gotten more focus already.

Next Pope Won’t Be Good News for American Conservatives
Newsweek 09-10-2023
David Gibson, director of the Center on Religion and Culture at Fordham University, told Newsweek that nothing is guaranteed in terms of Francis’s successor, but said: “I think it unlikely that you will get the pope-as-policeman that some on the American right seem to want.”
Professor Cristina Traina, an expert in Catholic ethics at Fordham University, agreed “the next pope is likely to be someone who leans in Francis’s direction.”

Disney and Charter Communications strike deal, ending blackout for Spectrum cable customers
The Associated Press 09-11-2023
“When the passionate fan base is being deprived of something they desire, you’re going to hear about it,” said John Fortunato, a communications professor at Fordham University who specializes in sports media.

Denzel Abides: Why The Age-Defying Star’s Unique Bond With Audiences Endures
The Daily Wire 09-14-2023
“He’s also shared his wealth for other worthy causes, including scholarships to medical students, establishing the Denzel Washington Endowed Chair in Theatre at his alma mater, Fordham University and supporting historically black Wiley College in Marshall, Texas.”

Meritocracy, Opportunity and Making a Difference
Volt 09-10-2023
In this exclusive interview, Volt sat down with Tania Tetlow, president of Fordham University in New York City. President Tetlow knows from firsthand experience that education is a lifelong endeavor. Join us as we discuss meritocracy in the American education system, the importance of a well-rounded education in developing opportunity, and President Tetlow’s desire for a better world.

Could Kohberger be spared death penalty since Idaho adopted firing squads?
NewsNation 09-12-2023
While the phrase “firing squad” can conjure up frightening images, Fordham University law professor Deborah Denno told NewsNation it’s not as grisly as people might think. Prisoners shot in the heart would actually die more quickly than those killed by other means.

Aaron Rodgers’s Injury Upended the Jets’ Season. Sponsors Say That’s Fine.
The Wall Street Journal 09-13-2023
Rodgers may not loom as large in New York City or in the NFL this season, undermining his effectiveness for business partners, said Mark Conrad, a professor of law and ethics and the director of the Gabelli Sports Business Initiative at Fordham University. 

What defines an elite institution? These higher ed presidents don’t all agree
University Business 09-12-2023
Fordham University President Tania Tetlow believes affordability should be placed on public policy. While highly endowed schools such as Brown can afford to hemorrhage money on student support while remaining financially viable, finding that line for other institutions is nearly impossible.

The cult of Donald Trump
The Hill 09-08-2023
Social media has created an environment that helps produce personality cults with “the idealized, even god-like public image of an individual consciously shaped and molded through constant propaganda and media exposure,” according to Thomas A. Wright of Fordham University. 

Vice President Harris to embark on college tour, including top HBCUs, in swing states
The Grio 09-07-2023
“This vice president has been on the move quite a bit since she took office,” Christina M. Greer, associate professor of political science at Fordham University, told theGrio. Greer noted that Harris’ visits to HBCU campuses, in particular, could serve as an opportunity to reestablish her relationship with the Black community, especially young people, due to “misinformation” about her record as a prosecutor before her political rise in the Senate and the White House. 

“Elections are public’s voice. NJ voters must finally be able to initiate ballot questions, too. 09-06-2023
Ohio’s experience certainly proves just how much Americans across the political spectrum are yearning for fundamental and pro-democracy changes,” wrote John Davenport, professor of philosophy at Fordham University.

Yankees will have Emmanuel Berbari, 24, in radio booth for Pirates series
New York Post 09-14-2023
Emmanuel Berbari, 24, will be calling his first Yankees game on WFAN radio with fellow Fordham alum Justin Shackil on Friday night in Pittsburgh. The duo will call all three games in place of Yankees legendary announcers Suzyn Waldman and John Sterling.

New York looks at options for state work authorization for asylum-seekers
City & State NY 09-13-2023
“Under a standard interpretation of federal immigration law, states don’t have the authority to issue their own work permits,” Fordham law professor Jennifer Gordon said. 

Out for the Season – Audio Unavailable
Fox 5 NY 09-13-2023
Mark Conrad teaches the business of sports at Fordham University. “What’s done is done. I think you have to address the lack of return on that investment and see what investments you have,” he said, adding that going with anyone but Zach Wilson could be a risky move.

Companies Already Ban the Use Of Their Drugs for Lethal Injection. Now They’re Blocking IV Equipment.
The Intercept 09-14-2023
Until now, the bulk of legal challenges to lethal injection have focused on the sources of the drugs and questions about their safety. “It does seem like a natural sort of evolution, that you would start looking at other kinds of things, the manufacturers of the equipment,” Deborah Denno, a death penalty expert and director of Fordham University’s Neuroscience and Law Center, told The Intercept.

What to Expect When You’re Expecting the U.N. General Assembly
Foreign Policy 09-14-202
“[U.N. Secretary-General António Guterres’] speeches have gotten more and more dark over the last couple of years. He is basically up there screaming doom to the assembled policymakers,” said Anjali Dayal, an associate professor of international politics at Fordham University.

This Isn’t a Rock Concert—This Is Church! Inside the Rise of NJ’s Megachurches
New Jersey Monthly 09-11-2023
“The crisis of Christianity has been proclaimed so insistently and so convincingly in recent years that it makes the worship service in a converted tech factory in Parsippany at nine o’clock on a Sunday morning this past spring that much more astonishing. Welcome to Liquid Church, where the faith is not only alive—it rocks,” said David Gibson, director of Fordham’s Center on Religion and Culture.

Why are friends tracking each other with Apple’s ‘Find My’ feature?
NBC’s TODAY Show 09-13-2023
Apple’s “Find My” app is helpful to track the location of your earbuds and other devices, but nearly 70% of Gen Z and 77% of millennials are using it to track each other’s location, according to a new poll. NBC’s Savannah Sellers interviews Caroline Ealy, Jaya Joyce, and Maya Sargent, Fordham students who work on the WFUV news team.

It’s time to sign up for a library card
New York Amsterdam News 09-14-2023
Christina Greer, associate professor of political science at Fordham, wrote, “[Libraries] are a safe haven for so many people who are curious, helping them to find their tribe of like-minded spirits who believe in the power of words.”

Energy Sector to Honor Namibian President Hage Geingob for Setting the Stage for a Thriving Energy Industry
Southern Sports Today 09-11-2023
[Namibian President Hage Gottfried] Geingob received his early education in Otavi before attending the Augustineum College, where he completed training as a teacher in 1961. He has a bachelor’s degree from Fordham University, a master’s degree in international relations from the New School for Social Research in New York, and a doctorate from the University of Leeds.

Fordham deals another FCS blow to University at Buffalo football team
WKBW Buffalo 09-10-2023
But just a week after giving up 24 second-half points to 19th-ranked Wisconsin, UB followed a similar path and allowed Fordham, who trailed by just one at halftime, to outscore them 20-16 in the second half.

Howie Roseman’s Unlikely Journey to Becoming the Best Exec in the NFL
Philadelphia Magazine 09-08-2023
After graduating from Fordham law school, [Howie Roseman] sent letters — many, many letters — to every NFL team until then-Eagles president Joe Banner finally agreed to meet with this young superfan/stalker, then hired him as an intern.

Morris County holding annual Out of the Darkness suicide prevention walk next weekend
CBS 2 08-29-2023
Chairman Curt Ritter and participant Megan Ruzicka joined us in the studio to share why they walk and what to expect. “Megan is a freshman in college,” said anchor Cindy Hsu. “You’re going to Fordham, and you’re thinking law or psychology. I say psychology!”

Connell McShane Joins NewsNation as Anchor of NewsNation Now from 3-5 PM ET
NewsNation 09-13-2023
[Connell] McShane began his career in broadcasting as a sports broadcaster for WBRK Radio in Pittsfield, Massachusetts and still occasionally serves as a play-by-play broadcaster for college basketball and football games. He graduated from Fordham University with a bachelor’s degree in communication and media studies.

‘I’m telling them we didn’t forget’: Bagpiper, 89, continues tradition of playing outside South Bay fire stations on 9/11
NBC Bay Area 09-12-2023
It was the 1940s and [Phil] Lenihan, then a New York City high schooler, went with his father to the Scottish sports gathering at Fordham University. The highlight of the closing ceremony was a sea of bagpipes and drums marching across a football field.

Nailah Jenkins finds fresh inspiration at Fordham
New York Amsterdam News 09-14-2023
Over the summer, [Nailah] Jenkins joined the Fordham volleyball team for an international trip to Japan. That provided a lot of shared experiences that helped her mesh with the team. She’s enjoying the new team culture and coaching.


Jane Martinez is director of media relations and deputy University spokesperson at Fordham. She can be reached at [email protected] or (347) 992-1815.