Pope Francis’ 87th birthday closes out a big year of efforts to reform the church, cement his legacy
The Associated Press 12-17-2023
The hospitalizations have raised questions about Francis’ ability to continue the globetrotting rigors of the modern-day papacy, which is increasingly dependent on the person of the pope, said David Gibson, director of the Center on Religion and Culture at Fordham University. “It’s a great improvement from the time when the pope was just a king in his throne surrounded by a royal court,” he said. “But with such expectations can any pope govern into his 80s and even 90s and be effective?”

Pollution-Tracking Citizen Science Project Offers New York Students a Breath of Fresh Air
AIP Publishing 01-05-2024
Researchers from Fordham University partnered with middle and high schools in the Bronx and Manhattan in a citizen science project to collect real-time air quality data. Their project, Fordham Regional Environmental Sensor for Healthy Air (FRESH Air) seeks to improve air quality data while educating the community about the effects of climate change.

Will Ukraine War End in 2024? Experts Weigh In
Newsweek 12-28-2023
“The only way I can foresee the Ukraine war possibly ending in 2024 is if Vladimir Putin dies,” Beth Knobel, professor of communications and media studies at Fordham University, and former CBS News Moscow bureau chief, told Newsweek.

Alabama plans to execute a man using nitrogen gas. How will it work? Few know.
NBC News 12-28-2023
“It’s a slapdash thing,” Deborah Denno, a professor at Fordham Law School who studies the death penalty, said, adding that “the states are so desperate to keep executing people that they come up with a method and say, ‘this is foolproof,’ and then provide so few details.

The Forgotten Tradition of Clemency
The Atlantic 12-16-2023
In the midst of all this, at a Harvard conference I ran into a Fordham University professor named John Pfaff, a fast-talking empiricist whose book, Locked In, rattled the easy assumptions that too many people had made about mass incarceration.

Behind the Shortage Keeping Cancer Patients From Chemo
The New York Times 12-19-2023
Others, like Lucia Buttaro, 60, a professor at Fordham University, were furious. She did not get her prescribed carboplatin for a reoccurrence of ovarian cancer in May or June, even though cancer was spreading in her lungs. “In my opinion, we don’t qualify as a first-world nation if you can’t get what you need,” she said.

Project FRESH Air: A Community Engagement Project About Health and Climate
AIP Publishing 01-01-2024
The Fordham Regional Environmental Sensor for Healthy Air (FRESH Air) is a citizen science outreach project that aims to educate communities about climate change, air quality, and health impacts by using particulate monitors in schools and helping develop curricula around the sensors and data; university faculty, college students, K–12 educators, and K–12 students collaborate on data collection, analysis, interpretation, and curriculum development.

The Dream of the Suburban Sports District Can Be a Nightmare for Taxpayers
Bloomberg 12-16-2023
Mark Conrad, director of the sports business program at Fordham University’s Gabelli School of Business, says there are some enviable upsides to Potomac Yard’s location in National Landing, where Amazon has invested in a second headquarters (before pausing construction). “The unsung thing is the possible synergies between Amazon, Virginia Tech and Monumental,” he says.

Wars, Hunger, Climate Shocks: Is UN Up to the Challenge?
Voice of America 12-29-2023
“It’s particularly been challenging because the kinds of conflicts the UN has been facing over the last year have been exactly the kinds of conflicts the UN is least well equipped to manage. They’re conflicts between the big permanent members of the security council, and when those countries are involved, the UN has the least scope for action” said Anjali Dayal, professor in the International Studies department.

The issues driving a growing rift in the Catholic Church
PBS 12-16-2023
Efforts by Pope Francis to make the Catholic Church more inclusive for LGBTQ+ people and women, alongside urging vaccination against COVID, have been creating a growing chasm between the Vatican and traditionalist American Catholics. David Gibson, director of the Center on Religion and Culture at Fordham University, joins Ali Rogin to discuss.

Temu accuses Shein of “mafia-style intimidation” in antitrust lawsuit’
CBS 12-21-2023
“They’ve sued each other overseas as well, but this is at least the third lawsuit just here in the U.S.,” Susan Scafidi, founder and director of Fordham University’s Fashion Law Institute, told CBS News.

Some companies alter diversity policies after conservatives’ lawsuit threat
Reuters 12-18-2023
Atinuke Adediran, a professor at Fordham University School of Law, wrote in a forthcoming paper that in 2023 nearly 40% of the 423 companies she studied had adopted targets for racial representation in reports published before May.

Video Shows Russians Urging End to Putin’s War: ‘Government Deceives Us’
Newsweek 12-31-2023
Previously speaking with Newsweek, Beth Knobel, a professor of communications and media studies at Fordham University and former CBS News Moscow bureau chief, gave a blunt prediction for what it might take for the conflict in Ukraine to end next year.

Is the Catholic church changing its stance on LGBTQ couples? Slightly, experts say.
USA Today 12-23-2023
David Gibson, the director of Fordham University’s Center on Culture and Religion in New York, said the declaration recognizes that couples who are divorced and remarried − as well as gay couples − are like straight, married couples in a key way in the eyes of God: All are sinners in need of blessings.

What’s behind a growing rift between conservative U.S. Catholics and the Vatican
PBS 12-16-2023
“Pope Francis is really focused on being a pastor, providing a more pastoral, inclusive merciful church going out to the peripheries, those who are in suffering. So that’s been his signature is really going out and helping those of the poor, the homeless, the immigrant, the refugee, so he’s seen as a very merciful figure” says David Gibson, the director of the Center of Religion and Culture at Fordham University.

Can hip-hop music save lives? This social worker in the Bronx thinks so
Good Morning America 12-15-2023
After getting sober, Hall completed college and serendipitously found the burgeoning field of hip-hop therapy, which at the time was being studied by Dr. Edgar Tyson at Fordham University. Tyson, who died in 2018, had developed hip-hop therapy initially using hip-hop music to connect therapeutically with youth, especially with youth for whom typical forms of therapy lacked cultural competency.

Biden-Harris Administration Selects Fordham University to Receive $50 Million to Fund Environmental Justice Projects Across EPA Region 2 as Part of Investing in America Agenda
EPA 12-20-2023
Today, as part of President Biden’s Investing in America agenda, the Biden-Harris Administration announced the selection of Fordham University to serve as a Regional Grantmaker that will receive $50 Million under EPA’s Environmental Justice Thriving Communities Grantmaking program (EJ TCGM).

EPA to disperse $600M in anti-pollution grants through regional organizations
The Hill 12-20-2023
The 11 organizations that will administer the grants are: Fordham University

Biden-Harris administration, EPA select Fordham University to receive $50M to fund environmental justice projects
Bronx Times 12-28-2023
Last week, as part of President Joe Biden’s Investing in America agenda, the Biden-Harris Administration announced a $50 million Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) grant for the Bronx’s Fordham University to serve as a Regional Grantmaker.

LGBTQ community reacts to Pope Francis saying priests can bless same sex unions
ABC7 NY 12-18-2023
“This is really reflective of who Pope Francis has been,” said David Gibson, Director of the Center on Religion and Culture at Fordham University. Fordham’s Center for Religion and Culture says this new declaration paves the way for a less rigid church.

Unequal climate impacts on global values of natural capital
Nature 12-18-2023
“Climate change will alter the distribution of ecosystems around the world and change the flow of these benefits. However, the specific implications of ecosystem changes for human welfare remain unclear, as they depend on the nature of these changes, the value of the affected benefits and the extent to which communities rely on natural systems for their well-being” says Marc Conte, Fordham University economics professor, and fellow researchers.

The EU should support Ireland’s bold move to regulate Big Tech
The Hill 12-31-2023
“Coimisiún na Meán’s bold move would ultimately make the Digital Services Act far more successful. Europe and the Irish government are stepping up at last to regulate harmful technology products. Social media may become social again” wrote Zephyr Teachout, professor of Law at Fordham Law School.

Mystery solved? USGS reports magnitude 1.7 quake in Astoria before Roosevelt Island explosion calls
NBC New York 01-02-2024
“I wouldn’t worry about it too much. The east coast has been geologically stable for millions of years,” Stephen Holler, an associate professor of physics and engineering at Fordham University, said. Holler said there are fault lines across the city and one today released pressure, but there is no cause for alarm.

Who’s Afraid of Elaine Showalter Now?
The Chronicle 01-03-2024
As one of academe’s largest disciplinary societies, the MLA attracts hundreds of scholars of English and other languages to its annual winter convention. It will do so again this week in Philadelphia. But the topic of nonacademic career options for Ph.D.s is unlikely to spark as much outrage this month as it did back in 1998” wrote Leonard Cassuto, professor of English at Fordham University.

Pope approves blessings for same-sex couples if the rituals don’t resemble marriage
News12 Bronx 12-18-2023
“It’s asking priests that when same-sex couples approach them in an informal setting and seek God’s support, God’s blessing, that the priest is to respond with openness and generosity, and pray with those couples for God’s blessing” said Fr. Bryan Massingale, professor and James and Nancy Buckman Chair in Applied Christian Ethics at Fordham University.

As Other Financial Services Shed Jobs, Insurers Keep Hiring
Life Annuity Specialist 01-03-2024
Giacomo Santangelo, senior lecturer of economics at Fordham University in New York, said the insurance sector is a slowly but steadily growing job sector. He said that a career in insurance offers more security and “predictable growth” compared to the volatile sectors of banking and technology, with their hiring and firing and swings in pay.

Did St. Francis invent the Christmas crèche as we know it?
National Catholic Reporter 12-20-2023
Fr. Tom Worcester, a Jesuit and history professor at Fordham University, points out that this was the period of the Protestant Reformation, saying, “I think what helped to bring it about was that the Protestants rejected celibacy and their clergy married. There was emphasis on the goodness of marriage.”

The Revolutionary in Rome gives gay couples a hug | Moran
The Star-Ledger 12-20-2023
David Gibson, director of the Center on Religion and Culture at Fordham University, said this is in keeping with Francis’s approach.“A week or so before this they put out a document that said single mothers should be encouraged to take communion and have their children baptized,” he says.

Gibson ’81 comments on growing chasm between Vatican and traditionalist American Catholics
Furman News 01-04-2024
[David] Gibson, an award-winning journalist and author who studied European history at Furman, is director of the Center on Religion and Culture at Fordham University in New York. He comments on Pope Francis and his move to upend the status quo among some conservative-leaning American Catholic leaders.

What economic opportunities are there with Monumental Sports’ planned arena in Alexandria?
SB Nation: Bullets Forever 12-19-2023
I spoke with Mark Conrad, Director of the Sports Business Concentration and Associate Professor of Law and Ethics at Fordham University’s Gabelli School of Business last week about the news. This discussion will be in two parts: first, what this new complex in Alexandria can do for Monumental Sports; and second, what this means for Capital One Arena.

Go see ‘Appropriate’
New York Amsterdam News 12-21-2023
“The remarkable set transports you to a cluttered and aging Southern plantation and the costumes make each character feel familiar in a way that only the sharp eye of costume designer Dede Ayite (“Malcolm X Opera”) can provide” said Christina Greer, associate professor at Fordham University.

Midnight Rambles: H. P. Lovecraft in Gotham
New York Journal of Book 01-02-2024
H.P. Lovecraft, the author known as the father of cosmic horror fiction, lived in New York City from 1924 to 1926. David J. Goodwin’s [Assistant Director Center on Religion and Culture] Midnight Rambles is the first book to offer a detailed—and often disturbing—depiction of that brief but significant period in Lovecraft’s life.

SUPD 1008 Happy New Year with Dr Christina Greer !!!!!!! More in 2024
iVoox 01-01-2024
Christina Greer is an Associate Professor of Political Science at Fordham University – Lincoln Center (Manhattan) campus. Her research and teaching focus on American politics, Black ethnic politics, campaigns and elections, and public opinion.

Alternative History: Beatles, Putin and Supreme Court
Player FM 12-31-2023
What if John Lennon survived the assassination attempt? Are we living in the worst timeline possible with Russia? What if Sandra Day O’Connor had been made Supreme Court chief justice? Chuck Todd sits down with Fordham professor (and big alt history fan!) Paul Levinson for an extravaganza of topics, on the last ToddCast of 2023.

Scientific breakthroughs of 2023
The Daily Star 12-31-2023
“These incredible scientific and technological achievements of 2023, albeit not exhaustive, is the latest compendium of some of humanity’s scientific endeavours that are fundamentally shaping our daily lives. These breakthroughs will inspire innovators to push the boundaries in the coming years” wrote Quamrul Haider, professor emeritus at Fordham University.

Can we build a more powerful space telescope?
The Daily Star 12-25-2023
“Despite their enormous light-gathering ability, it is debatable whether telescopes with mirrors larger than JWST will be able to see any deeper into the cosmos. However, because larger telescopes need less exposure time to gather light, a 20-metre telescope will be able to scan the sky in great detail noticeably faster than JWST” wrote Quamrul Haider, professor emeritus at Fordham University.

Why the American left is collapsing
iNews 12-28-2023
Christina Greer, a professor of political science at Fordham University in New York, says Biden faces challenges. She also points out the polls that so shocked Democrats – enough for one of Barack Obama’s former top aides to publicly question whether Biden should remain in the race – were taken a year from election day.

By the Numbers: Is the Rat Problem Getting Better on the UWS?
West Side Rag 01-03-2024
“For rats to go away, everyone in the city — plus our restaurants, schools and grocers — must be willing to address the fundamental issue of food waste,” wrote Jason Munshi-South, a professor of biology at Fordham University, in The New York Times.

Archbishop of America Awards Medal of Saint Paul to George P. Zimmar
Orthodox Times 12-27-2023
He served as Vice President of the Archdiocesan Council and was a member of the council for several years. Dr. Zimmar is currently an Advisory Board member of the Orthodox Christian Studies Center at Fordham University.

Reality TV Shows Championing Healthy Black Love: A Positive Shift in Representation
BNN Breaking 12-29-2023
Experts such as Treva Lindsey from Ohio State University and Brandy Monk Payton from Fordham University underline the importance of this shift. They emphasize the need for Black women to be seen as desirable and to have agency in their love lives.

The squalid history of medical patents
Down to Earth 12-27-2023
Doron Ben-Atar, professor of history at Fordham University, provides a fascinating account of how the US patent office was handing out patents liberally for devices that were in use elsewhere in his book Trade Secrets: Intellectual Piracy and the Origins of American Industrial Power.

How to watch Fordham Rams vs. Central Connecticut State Blue Devils: Live stream info, TV channel, game time | December 21
College Sports Wire 12-20-2023
The Central Connecticut State Blue Devils (4-7) play the Fordham Rams (5-6) on Thursday, December 21, 2023 at Rose Hill Gymnasium. It starts at 12:00 PM ET on ESPN+.

At Suffolk Community, free tuition for Cyber Service Academy enrollees
Long Island Business News 12-19-2023
The expanded program mandates that the DoD provide 1,000 scholarships by the 2025-26 school year and allow up to 10% of Cyber Service Academy graduates to serve in the Intelligence Community after graduation. Private universities include: Fordham University

John Cena congratulates young star: “They are lucky to have you”
Sportskeeda 12-19-2023
[John] Cena has now responded to the youngster’s post, extending his support and congratulations. He praised the commitment and even mentioned that Fordham University was fortunate to have someone like him.

Profs trade notes as law schools write generative AI policies
ABA Journal 01-04-2024
At the Fordham University School of Law, its memorandum on academic integrity demands that students sign a waiver with each test, stating: “By submitting this exam, I certify that I have not consulted, collaborated or shared any information with anyone, nor have I utilized unauthorized materials, including any artificial intelligence or machine learning tools, during this exam.”

Everything to Know About Sonny Carisi on Law & Order: SVU
NBC 12-26-2023
Carisi officially became an ADA in SVU’s Season 21 premiere (“I’m Going To Make You a Star”), but make no mistake — his passion for the law half of Law & Order started early. In Season 17, Episode 9 (“Depravity Standard”), fans learned that Carisi attended night law classes at Fordham University in an effort to provide legal suggestions during investigations.

YES Network and ESPN’s Ryan Ruocco reflects on ‘special year’ calling Domingo German’s perfect game, Caitlin Clark’s Final Four run and epic WNBA Finals
Daily News 12-23-2023
[Ryan] Ruocco spent his first year of college at Loyola University in Baltimore before returning to New York to attend Fordham University. It was at Fordham he met Bob Ahrens – a longtime executive producer for the on-campus radio station WFUV – whom Ruocco says taught him “the art of play-by-play.”

Former UNM QB CJ Montes lights it up at Fordham, is up for Walter Payton Award
Albuquerque Journal 12-20-2023
The former Lobo quarterback’s [CJ Montes] 2023 season at Fordham University in New York City was nothing short of spectacular: 211-of-376 passing for an even 3,000 yards with 26 passing touchdowns and one (1) interception.

CB8 search for community coordinator has ended with ‘Ardy’ Malziu as pick
The Riverdale Press 12-15-2023
He [Ardhmir “Ardy” Malziu] attended public schools his entire life up until he went to college at Fordham University, where he graduated with a bachelor’s degree in political science and government.

Portrait: A goal of helping 100 kids in Jersey City — for starters
NJ Spotlight News 12-28-2023
[Bobby] Bell received her master’s degree in criminal justice and administration from New Jersey City University in 2010 and eventually went on to pursue a second master’s degree in social work from Fordham University, graduating in 2018.

Brick resident to be honored for volunteer work
Star News Group 01-03-2024
While attending Fordham University’s Lincoln Center campus, Ms. [Megan] Zuckerman knew she was going to stay in the area after graduation and thought it made sense to join an organization she could continue with after college ended, rather than a club she would be a member of for a few years.

Paralyzed Former Rockland Teacher shares tale of resilience in bestselling new Memoir
Rockland County Times 12-30-2023
[Billy] Keenan has spoken at several businesses, high schools and colleges, including his alma mater, Fordham University’s Westchester campus, and West Point Military Academy.

New trooper from Schenectady recognized at state police graduation
The Daily Gazette 12-24-2023
[Kevin] Knightes is a graduate of Fordham University with a bachelor’s degree in Middle East Studies. Prior to joining the state police, he worked at the Rotterdam Police Department for four years and served in the U.S. Military for 12.

New movie musical ‘The Color Purple’ tells story over 40 years and counting
ABC 7 NY 12-27-2023
Morgan Johnson is a sophomore studying journalism at Fordham University. Johnson agreed to watch “The Color Purple” and now plans to recommend it. “I would tell my friends to go see this movie because I think it’s a story of hope and dreaming and growing and forgiveness,” Johnson said.

KCBS-AM (Radio): San Francisco, CA – AUDIO UNAVAILABLE
KCBS-AM 12-26-2023
“Well, under normal circumstances, if you wanted to go to a retailer and purchase an outfit, you would go and you try it on, see if it fits, [and]if not, go out [and]get another size. But, during the pandemic, people didn’t really have that opportunity, so they were going online” says Giacomo Santagelo, senior lecturer of economics at Fordham University.

WBEZ 12-18-2023
You may see your grocery bill go down, but Fordham University economist Patricia Gomez-Gonzalez says that’s not the whole story. “People might postpone certain purchases. You might say ‘You know what, I’ll buy a fridge in a few more months when it’s even going to get cheaper’, and that’s a very tricky spiral to be in” she says.

WMBC TV 12-16-2023
Having graduated from Fordham University with a bachelors in science degree, Dr. Tallia went on to earn both a doctor of medicine and a master of public health degree from Rutgers University.

Dodgers Stories: Six Decades in L.A. – AUDIO UNAVAILABLE
Spectrum SportsNet LA 12-27-2023
He [Vince Scully] had joined the organization in 1950 at the tender age of 23 just a year after graduating from Fordham University.

Entertainment Tonight 12-29-2023
Denzel [Washington] did go to college. He played basketball and football at Fordham university. He graduated in 1977.

Today 3rd Hour 12-25-2023
Kate [Mackz] studied marketing and communications at Fordham University before starting her career working in advertising. All the while, she kept pace with her passion, running the Philadelphia Marathon in 2019 and the New York City Marathon in 2021.