Fordham’s Lincoln Center campus expanded this fall with the unveiling of a modern, light-filled space where students can study, take classes, and simply relax with friends.

The newly renovated 140 West 62nd Street, once home to Fordham Law School, has been transformed into a state-of-the-art facility with a three-story library, a student lounge and café, health and counseling centers, career services offices, and abundant space for classrooms and student activities.

The new space serves as the Lincoln Center home of Fordham’s Gabelli School of Business, offering students spacious lecture halls, an innovation lab, and a trading room with rows of Bloomberg financial data terminals.

Designed for energy efficiency and equipped with the latest technology, the building provides plenty of space for students to collaborate—from group study rooms in the library to large event halls and space for student clubs.

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Here’s what students are saying about the new 140.

Paul Novak, Freshman, Fordham College at Lincoln Center
Justin Westbrook-Lowery, Freshman, Fordham College at Lincoln Center

140squarejustinpaul“I love coming here, having tea with friends after classes, having a conversation, and getting a little snack,” said Westbrook-Lowery from his seat in the lounge, where students can refuel with a beverage and a bite to eat from Argo Tea. “And I love that we’re so close to the library. I don’t have to leave the building and go to another space.”

Westbrook-Lowery commutes from his home in the Bronx. He chose Fordham’s Lincoln Center campus because he loves being in the heart of the city. “This brings me close to all the different opportunities I’m looking for—in politics, history, everything,” he said.

Sitting with Westbrook-Lowery, Novak said he loves how communal the space is. “It’s so nice to have one space where we can all come together. I came from a small town in Massachusetts, so the change from a suburb to a city was one I really wanted to go through. When I first visited Manhattan with my family, I thought, I could never live here, ever. It’s just too busy. But the second I moved [to campus], I thought, I finally found a place where I feel happy.”

Masha Bychkova, Junior, Fordham College at Lincoln Center
Majors: Classical Languages and Classical Civilizations (Minor in Visual Arts)
Recruitment Chair and Winterfest Committee Chair, Campus Activities Board (CAB)

“CAB has its own offices here,” said Bychkova, sitting outside on the plaza as she waited for her Winterfest meeting to begin. “We have a space we can use, everything’s very organized. It’s really nice to have a distinct space for student affairs—separate from academic areas.” A member of the first class to live in McKeon Hall—the residence hall that opened atop Fordham’s new Law School building on 62nd Street in 2014, Bychkova says the renovation of 140 “completes the whole campus.”

Adiyah Baig
, Senior, Fordham College at Lincoln Center
Major: Computer Science
Saad Baig, Sophomore, Fordham College at Lincoln Center
Major: Computer Science

140_adiyah-saad-baig-1Heading out of the library with her brother, Adiyah said she likes the big windows and the views. “When you’re studying, at one point you start to feel like you’re caged in, and you’re stuffed with all this information. You don’t want the place you’re studying in to also be stuffy. When you have a place like this, you can look outside, you can see the pretty greenery, other people walking around. You think, let me take a break and go for a walk or something. It’s nice.”

Saad appreciates having the room to spread out. “I like having my personal space,” he said. As a science major, he’s also anticipating using the new group study rooms for projects with his lab partners.

Anthony Norris, 
Junior, Gabelli School of Business at Lincoln Center
Major: Global Business with a concentration in Global Finance

140anthonynorrisWith five out of his six classes held at 140, Norris spends a lot of his time in the new space. “This place is a second home to me. Being in such a new place makes it very easy to learn,” he said. A member of the Gabelli School’s first Lincoln Center class, Norris founded the Investment Group, a student club that’s now about 200 members strong.

“I’ve had a quite a few Investment Group meetings in here, so I get to take advantage of the conference rooms,” he said. He also looks forward to using the Bloomberg terminals, which he’s familiar with from his summer internship at Morgan Stanley. “There’s a lot of things to take advantage of here. There’s every resource available to you.”

Namrata Marjit, 
Senior, Fordham College at Lincoln Center
Major: Natural Sciences
Hend Saad, Senior, Fordham College at Lincoln Center
Major: Natural Sciences

140namratahend“The new space is really beautiful,” says Marjit, who worked at the old Quinn Library and plans to work at the new one this year with Saad. “It allows the students to feel more welcome. It’s very homey.” She loves how spacious the lounge area is. “I can always find a seat.” And she likes the outdoor garden located just outside.

As a commuter student, Marjit appreciates having a spot where she can get her studying done. “Sometimes working at home is not possible,” she said. “You need a place with a lot of resources.”

An aspiring physician in Fordham’s Pre-Health Program, Marjit was always one to hang out in the library, and looks forward to continuing to “catch up with friends” in the new space.

Saad, who is also in the Pre-Health Program and plans to go to dental school, came to the library to scan a page from one of her textbooks. “I’m gonna be here 24-7. I study here, I’m going to work here,” she said with a laugh. “All my gaps between classes, I’ll be here.” Saad, who was born in Egypt and grew up in Queens, said the new library space has a vibrancy that she loves.

Photos by Dianna Ekins, Bud Glick, and Logan West



Nicole LaRosa is the senior director of University communications. She can be reached at [email protected] or 212-903-8810.