Emily Mendez, Class of 2017
Emily Mendez, Class of 2017. Top image: The cover of the Rules and Customs Book (c. 1865)

As Fordham celebrates its 175th anniversary, English major Emily Mendez offers a modern take on some of the rules and customs that were enforced on campus in the early years. 

From “General Rules”

Rule 1: They [the students] shall be obedient, docile, and respectful as becomes well bred youths.
Students should do their best to maintain an open mind and a calm disposition—unless you’re caught behind a group of slow walkers during the afternoon rush to class. You don’t have to be calm about that.

Rule 7: It is forbidden to accompany visitors to the Railway Station, or even down the lawn, and no one shall take them to the garden, or the woods, or in general out of bounds, without special permission.
When you have visitors, make sure to get them a slice of Rose Hill’s favorite pizza at Pugsley’s (extra crispy, extra cheese). Or show them the best underground restaurants (hint: they’re at the Columbus Circle subway stop, and they’re literally underground). When they’re ready to leave, walk them to the subway platform. Or, if you really care, call them an Uber.

Rule 10: All students are required to write to their parents or guardians at least once a month.
If your parent or guardian texts you, at least try to text back. If they Snapchat you, definitely reply. And then screenshot them. Because your mom in the flower-crown filter, reminding you to do your laundry, is priceless.

From “Rules for the Study Halls”

Rule 6: No posture not becoming polite society will be allowed: hence lolling, lounging, crossing of legs, yawning, and stretching are forbidden.
A polite posture is to be maintained at all times. Unless you’re playing Frisbee. Or lounging on the lawn. Or doing yoga. Or studying outside. Or … yeah, never mind that one.

From “Rules for Recreation”

Rule 2: All racing, running, stomping, shouting, whistling, and boisterous singing within the corridors and playroom are strictly forbidden.
Whether you’re an athlete, sports fan, theater junkie, or a capella star, we generally encourage racing, running, whistling, and singing. Oh, and tons of Ram pride.

Rule 3: Snowball [throwing] is forbidden within night bounds.
Throwing snowballs is actually pretty fun. Plus it gives you a chance to show off the winter beauty of Fordham’s campus. #DoItForTheInsta (But be safe.)

—Emily Mendez