Julie Tin, FCLC ’20, points not only to her Fordham coursework but also to her work-study and internship experiences as key to her success in entering the job market this year. “My experience in the Office of Alumni Relations and as a human resources intern shaped who I am today,” she says. As a student, Tin majored in psychology and minored in Mandarin Chinese, while serving as the secretary of the Asian Pacific American Coalition and taking part in the Fordham Mentoring Program. After graduating magna cum laude, she landed a job as a human resources administrative assistant at a group of three partner organizations for which she also interned during college: University Settlement, The Door, and Broome Street Academy Charter High School.

What are some of the reasons why you decided to attend Fordham?
Two major reasons why I decided to attend Fordham University were the location of both campuses and the reputation of the University. When I was doing research on schools, I was intrigued by Fordham’s selective admissions, notable alumni, small class sizes, and its access to an abundance of research and resources.

What do you think you got at Fordham that you couldn’t have gotten elsewhere?
The opportunity to connect with alumni through the Fordham Mentoring Program. Being a Fordham mentee helped me get my foot through the door and into the professional world. I [took part in]the mentoring program in my junior and senior years and was matched both times with amazing people who were able to help me grow and develop my skills and career mindset.

Did you take any courses or have any experiences that helped put you on your current path? What were they, and how did they prepare you for what you’re doing now?
I had little to no experience in the office setting before I was placed in the Office of Alumni Relations for work-study. Through the staff’s guidance and instruction, I was able to learn and develop important skills such as data management, efficient communication, and organizational skills that serve as the core of my professional abilities. As a human resources intern, I was able to learn more about the functions of a human resources department and how HR supports a company or organization. The department is the backbone of an organization and plays an integral role in its success.

Who is the Fordham professor or person you admire the most, and why?
Professor Karen Siedlecki in the psychology department! I had her for most of my required classes in the psychology major and learned so much. I love how she breaks down detailed scientific concepts into topics that are easy to learn and easy to remember. She is always willing to help students and is always available to talk about research, psychology topics, or life.

What are you doing now? Can you paint us a picture of your current responsibilities? What do you hope to accomplish, personally or professionally?
Right now, I am the human resources administrative assistant at University Settlement/The Door/Broome Street Academy, a family of organizations that give back to immigrant and low-income communities and provide youth services for New York City’s disconnected youth. I am involved in onboarding new hires, data management and compliance, and maintaining the human resources information systems. I hope to gain enough experience to become a knowledgeable and skillful HR practitioner and one day lead my own team of HR professionals.

What are you optimistic about?
The end of the coronavirus pandemic! I am excited about travelling the world and trying out different cuisines, and I hope to be able to do that safely soon.

Is there anything else we should know about you, your plans, or your Fordham connection?
I am thankful to be a Fordham graduate and proud of where I am today as a first-generation college student who graduated magna cum laude in three-and-a-half years. I would not have made it here without the amazing faculty and staff members of Fordham, especially those in the Office of Alumni Relations, the psychology department, and the Mandarin Chinese department.