Fordham University CIO Geeta Kapadia spoke at the SALT iConnections New York 2024 conference about overseeing Fordham’s $1 billion endowment to achieve long-term growth. Students, she said, are one of the University’s resources for promoting inclusive capital. Read the full story.

While Kapadia noted that Fordham isn’t the only higher education institution that allows its students to invest in the university’s endowment, she said she wants her university’s students to “put their money where their mouth is.”

For the Fordham University Student Managed Investment Fund, the endowment “just approved $1 million for students to run an environmental, social and governance fund. We hope they will take climate into consideration — I would be surprised if they didn’t — as they start to deploy assets in that fund,” Kapadia added.


Jane Martinez is director of media relations and deputy University spokesperson at Fordham. She can be reached at [email protected] or (347) 992-1815.