In this segment, Christina Castellano, Ph.D., says she has a passion for wildlife and the environment and wanted “to marry business and conservation and community service.” She earned a master’s degree and a doctorate in biological sciences from Fordham.

“To be part of the process to really rebuild populations and to speak about these incredible animals has been really a wonderful part of what I’ve been doing,” she says.

“As you move through the zoo community, and you learn different ways in different positions, on how you can contribute, how you can connect people, how you can elevate people. I was looking for a greater opportunity to be better able to do that,” she says. 

“My vision is very much what the Zoo is putting forward to continue our over 90 years of community service, to be a leader in wildlife conservation and to find opportunities to continually make that connection between our community with that mission to make this planet a better place for all of us, wildlife and people.”


Jane Martinez is director of media relations and deputy University spokesperson at Fordham. She can be reached at [email protected] or (347) 992-1815.