Originalism Is One Reason Why America Has Such a Gun Problem
Slate 05-13-2024
“I think the best way of thinking about Heller is it’s a classic pincer movement, where you have a well-coordinated effort among what I affectionately call the originalism-industrial complex, which includes the Federalist Society and libertarian and right-wing think tanks like Heritage and AEI and Hoover, and then a very popular grassroots movement for gun rights,” Fordham University professor and legal historian Saul Cornell said.

Taliban affirms that stoning will be punishment for adulterers — especially women
NPR 05-08-2024
The call for stoning as punishment in Islam is controversial and contested by scholars, Sarah Eltantawi, associate professor of modern Islam in the Department of Theology at Fordham University, told NPR. “There is absolutely no way to justify that Islamically. There is no possible reading of the Quran, of Islamic law, of any school of law that singles out women for this punishment whatsoever,” she says.

Pro-Trump Nonprofit Paid Millions to Companies Tied to Its Own Leaders
The New York Times 05-06-2024
“You have an obligation to behave in the interest of that organization,” said Linda Sugin, a professor of nonprofit law at Fordham University. “The problem is, when you’re on both sides of the transaction, then we’re skeptical that you’re going to put the organization’s interests before your own.”

She Passed the Bar on Her First Try After Overcoming Hardship & Went Viral
Tamron Hall 05-09-2024
“Our next guest, Afrika Owes, is a Fordham University law student, the single mom who recently made headlines after taking the bar exam early and posting this emotional video after passing it on her first try,” said host Tamron Hall. “The video went viral—over 3 million views. In truth, her journey to getting there was not an easy one.”

Spring Hill College 2024 Commencement
Spring Hill College 05-11-2024
“But when we look at those generations forged in the fires of suffering and crisis, we see the generations who mattered most to history. Class of 2024, you have become fiercely focused on what matters. You have refused to accept the brokenness of the world. You face the challenges ahead with courage. You look for truth with curiosity and openness. And today, especially today, you remember to find joy. There’s nothing more Jesuit than that,” said Tania Tetlow, president of Fordham University.

Multiplex Cinemas in Queens closing this week after 25 years
FOX 5 NY 05-08-2024
Movie industry experts, including Charles Schreger, a professor of marketing at both NYU Stern and Fordham University Gabelli, says the closing is part of a larger trend. “The number of movies has been decreasing. Your rent is staying the same. There are too many theaters in your theater chain,” said Schreger.

An Autism Family Story
Exceptional Parent Magazine 05-08-2024
“Thalia’s improvement may be attributed to the amount and level of treatment that she received. Thalia started with therapy before she was three years old. The number of hours of one-on-one daily therapy, her attending a school that specialized in children with autism, and Lorena working with her daughter provided the treatment that she needed in those early years,” said John A. Fortunato, Ph. D., professor at Fordham University’s Gabelli School of Business.

Does Rat Birth Control Actually Work?
Curbed 05-06-2024
We reached out to Michael H. Parsons, a rodentologist and former Fordham University researcher, about the science behind rat contraceptives, the tricky matter of tracking their effectiveness, how to measure success, and rat cognition and ticklishness.

Who is Zellnor Myrie, the Democratic state senator who wants to run the Big Apple?
The New York Post 05-12-2024
Raised in Central Brooklyn, he [Zellnor Myrie] is the son of Costa Rican immigrants and a product of the Big Apple’s public schools, the spokesperson added. He also graduated from Fordham University and Cornell Law School.

He Thought He Had Bought a Great Apartment. The Ceiling Held a Secret.
The New York Times 05-10-2024
Frank DiLella moved to New York City in 2002 to study journalism and theater at Fordham University. After he graduated, he rented apartments in Astoria, Queens, and in Hell’s Kitchen and on the Upper West Side of Manhattan.

Investigation launched into Judge Engoron’s “very troubling” chat with lawyer about Trump case
Salon 05-09-2024
Professor Bruce Green, director of Fordham Law School’s Center for Law and Ethics, told the outlet it is not against ethics rules to discuss a law in the abstract. “Judges don’t have to live in a bubble,” Green said. “Whether a judge’s hallway conversation with a lawyer is permissible or impermissible depends on the conversation.”

Experts: Trump lawyers “went too far” — but Stormy Daniels testimony may give them ammo for appeal
Salon 05-08-2024
“Whether they had sex and the details of that encounter, doesn’t matter to the central question of whether he falsified payments, and whether he did it to win the election,” Fordham Law School professor Cheryl Bader told Salon.

How Trump could wiggle out of his legal woes
The Washington Post 05-08-2024
“Whether they had sex, and the specific details of the encounter, doesn’t matter on the central question of whether he falsified payments and whether he did so to win the election,” said Cheryl Bader, an associate law professor at Fordham University.

High-profile New York lawyer says he tried to advise judge in Trump civil fraud case
NBC New York 05-08-2024
Professor Bruce Green, director of Fordham Law School’s Center for Law and Ethics, said it’s not against the rules for judges and lawyers to talk about the law in the abstract. “Judges don’t have to live in a bubble,” Green said. “Whether a judge’s hallway conversation with a lawyer is permissible or impermissible depends on the conversation.”

Fearing fires, colleges are starting to clamp down on campus e-bikes
The Hechinger Report 05-09-2024
Fearing that the same kind of fire could occur in a campus residence hall, [Robert] Fitzer crafted a policy to ban the bikes not only from buildings on Fordham’s Bronx campus but even from the university grounds — an option made possible by gates walling off its perimeter.

‘Cold Schism’ In Orthodox World Likely To Become ‘Hot’ If Moscow Church Continues To Back Kremlin And War At Home And Abroad – OpEd
Eurasia Review 05-09-2024
The researcher [Sergey Chapnin] at Fordham University’s Center for Orthodox Studies says that despite Moscow’ s provocations, both the Ecumenical Patriarchate and its supporters in other ancient Orthodox churches have been restrained up to now.

Echoes of the Past: Today’s student protests draw from history
New York Amsterdam News 05-09-2024
[Mark] Naison, now a Fordham University professor of history and African and African American studies, was aligned with SDS at the time, but was dating a member of the Students’ Afro-American Society. And the two groups were at odds on taking Hamilton Hall after they entered it.

Wharton Business Daily: SiriusXM – AUDIO UNAVAILABLE
SiriusXM 05-09-2024
“We should not be closing down schools. We should be investing more in human capital, what economists refer to as human capitalist education, so that we can have a brighter economy a brighter future, and quite frankly, brighter labor force,” said Giacomo Santangelo, professor at Fordham University.