Private-Equity Fees Present Hurdles That Hobble Some Fund Investors
Wall Street Journal 05-23-2024
High private-equity fees also pose an obstacle for smaller U.S. endowments that don’t have the negotiating power of their larger peers, said Geeta Kapadia, chief investment officer at Fordham University in New York. The school’s endowment manages about $1 billion. She said Fordham often turns to smaller, more flexible fund sponsors.

Pollen boss: One man’s mission to monitor NYC allergen
NBC New York 05-20-2024
In spring, when your eyes start to itch, and the sneezing won’t stop, have you ever picked up your phone to check the pollen count? Well, meet the man behind it, Dr. Guy Robinson. And yeah, for a city of more than 8 million people, it’s just him. Once a week, usually Tuesdays, the Fordham University visiting scholar checks this 1950s-designed pollen trap and does his count by hand.

Commonweal Announces Tania Tetlow, President of Fordham University, as Recipient of the Inaugural Commonweal Centennial Award
Commonweal Magazine 05-21-2024
Commonweal, the renowned independent journal of religion, politics, and culture, has announced that Tania Tetlow, president of Fordham University, will be the inaugural recipient of its Centennial Award, to be presented by Commonweal at its Centennial Benefit Dinner at Chelsea Piers in New York City on October 28, 2024.

Gaza, Human Shields, and the Problem of a Bomb-First Strategy | Opinion
Newsweek 05-23-2024
“In the long run, a way of life founded on basic human rights and decency cannot be sustained in this fashion. We have to stop the military tail from wagging the political dog, and insist that our commanders accept the casualties required to fight in ways that prevent enormous civilian losses in the theaters of war. Until then, the horrors exemplified in Gaza will continue,” wrote John Davenport, professor of philosophy and director of peace and justice studies at Fordham University.

Suicides are at an all-time high in America. One of the best ways to reduce them is gun control
Salon 05-28-2024
Dr. Jacob Smith, an associate professor of political science at Fordham University who has studied how gun control and mental health policies correspond to firearm fatalities, suggests this does indeed happen quite often. “In our [2017 Policy Studies Journal] paper, we mostly looked at overall gun control policies and access to mental health rather than specific policies,” Smith said.

Consider This: Who made the most compelling case to jurors in Trump’s trial?
NPR 05-28-2024
Host Juana Summers speaks with Fordham law professor Adam Shlahet. “I think there’s two scenarios. One is what a white-collar criminal defense attorney would do in this case, which is a precise, strategic, very clear case-theory closing argument; or the closing argument that Donald Trump wants, which is more of a scorched-Earth kind of closing argument where everyone’s a liar, everyone’s out to get the president,” said Shlahet. “And it seems like [defense attorney Todd]Blanche did a mixture of both.”

Closing arguments continue in Trump hush money trial
ABC News 05-28-2024
Adam Shlahet of Fordham Law School joins ABC News’ Olivia Rubin and Katherine Faulders. “Blanche had a hard time weaving a clear narrative, because the defense didn’t really have a clear narrative,” he said.

Trump jury had to be unanimous in hush money trial to find him guilty | Fact check
USA Today 05-31-2024
Adam Shlahet, director of the Brendan Moore Trial Advocacy Center at Fordham Law School, told USA TODAY there was nothing improper or unusual about the instructions not requiring unanimity on that component of the charges. The charges filed and the statute did not require prosecutors to prove which specific “unlawful means” were used, just that at least one was used for each charge.

Now that Donald Trump has been convicted, what happens next?
ABC News 05-31-2024
Before he can file an appeal of the conviction, he needs to be sentenced by Judge Juan Merchan, according to Fordham University Law Professor Cheryl Bader. “The case is not considered complete until after sentencing. After sentencing, I’m sure his team will file a notice of appeal and then a briefing schedule will be set,” Bader told ABC News.

Trump to Hold South Bronx, New York, Campaign Rally in Push for Black Voters
Reuters 05-23-2024
“I think it’s part of this larger narrative where he’s trying to chip away at Biden’s support amongst Black and Latino men, primarily,” said Christina Greer, an associate professor of political science at Fordham University. “By him going to the South Bronx, he can say ‘I’m talking to communities that Joe Biden is taking for granted.'”

Trump was found guilty in a sham case DA Bragg never should have prosecuted
USA Today 06-01-2024
“This explanation is a novel interpretation with many significant legal problems,” wrote Fordham law professor Jed Handelsman Shugerman in The New York Times. “I could find no previous case of any state prosecutor relying on the Federal Election Campaign Act either as a direct crime or a predicate crime.”

As Trump hush money trial draws to a close, jury instructions to play key role
Good Morning America 05-28-2024
“I can’t overemphasize the importance of the judge’s instructions — jurors cling very tightly to the roadmap the judge provides,” Cheryl Bader, a professor at Fordham Law, told ABC News. “The verdict is not just a determination of what facts the jury believes, it is the intersection of facts and law together.”

Trump is now a convicted felon. Here’s what that could mean for his rights
ABC News 06-01-2024
“He could seek to have that right restored, since his conviction was for a lower level non-violent felony,” Cheryl Bader, a professor at Fordham Law, told ABC News.

Trump’s Been Convicted. Now Hunter Biden’s Gun Trial Is Set to Start
Bloomberg 06-01-2024
Fordham University law professor Cheryl Bader, an ex-assistant US attorney who now runs the school’s criminal-law clinic, said Biden’s chances of winning an acquittal are slim given his acknowledgment in his memoir.

Virginia adds new lethal injection drug
Washington Examiner 05-24-2024
“Until 2009, all states were basically using the same three-drug protocol developed in Oklahoma in 1977,” said Deborah Denno, a Fordham University law professor who has studied execution methods around the country. “Since December 2009, we’ve seen the most rapid change ever with the lethal execution protocol since it was first introduced.”

Donald Trump, the limits of justice and other takeaways from the ‘hush money’ trial
The Financial Times 05-25-2024
“Trump has always been very good at figuring out those workarounds and coming just up to the line,” said Cheryl Bader, an associate professor of law at Fordham University, of his use of elected officials to fill the airwaves with attacks on the case. The defendant seized on the fact that “people have a First Amendment right to criticise the system”, she added.

FactCheck: Q&A on Trump’s criminal conviction
NBC New York 05-31-2024
Cheryl Bader, a clinical associate professor of law at Fordham University School of Law, said these motions are typical when a defendant is convicted. The defense attorneys will ask the judge to overturn the jury’s conviction. “It’s rarely, rarely granted, and I don’t think there’s a chance that will happen in this case,” she told us in a phone interview.

Stuck in Manhattan for his hush money trial, Donald Trump turns New York City into a campaign set
New York Daily News 05-24-2024
“I think the Democratic Party would be remiss to just assume that this city is super blue and they can ignore it, especially since New York is the reason why Joe Biden doesn’t have a unified government,” Christina Greer, an associate professor of political science at Fordham University, told the News.

Fordham CIO discusses endowment model, inclusive capital at SALT conference
Pensions & Investments 05-21-2024
For the Fordham University Student Managed Investment Fund, the endowment “just approved $1 million for students to run an environmental, social and governance fund. We hope they will take climate into consideration — I would be surprised if they didn’t — as they start to deploy assets in that fund,” [Geeta] Kapadia [Fordham University’s CIO] added.

Visit to official pollen monitoring station in NYC
Telemundo 05-22-2024
Spring allergy season in New York City, in a city with more than eight million inhabitants, there is only one person in charge of monitoring the amount of pollen in the air, and he is here at Fordham University. For more than 25 years, Dr. Guy Robbinson has dedicated himself to maintaining and collecting pollen samples in New York City once a week.

Could we be in the worst allergy season in decades? Due to climate change, it may be
Telemundo 05-21-2024
Dr. Guy Robinson, a paleoecology researcher, has been sampling New York City’s air for pollen for 25 years. One day in early May, he measured some of the highest pollen concentrations in the city in a decade: 7,600 per cubic meter.

Bronx bluesman and self-proclaimed ‘ferocious Catholic’: Dion DiMucci considers his legacy
American Magazine 05-28-2024
“But this is exactly what happened at Fordham University recently, when the Curran Center for American Catholic Studies hosted the legendary Dion DiMucci. I introduced him to the sold-out audience, who were eager to hear an evening of storytelling, conversation and music,” wrote Angela Alaimo O’Donnell, professor at Fordham University and associate director of the Curran Center for American Catholic Studies.

Trump’s been convicted. Now Hunter Biden’s gun trial is set to start
Miami Herald 06-01-2024
Fordham University law professor Cheryl Bader, an ex-assistant U.S. attorney who now runs the school’s criminal law clinic, said Biden’s chances of winning an acquittal are slim given his acknowledgment in his memoir.

College ‘Green Teams’ Tackle Pressing Environmental and Climate Challenges
Montclair State University News 06-01-2024
Christiana Zenner, Fordham University professor of Fresh Waters, Environmental Values and Ethics, encouraged the students to think about goals they hope to achieve, both for the project they’ve been assigned and for the world they perceive. “What kind of civic and corporate responsibility do you want to encourage?” she asked.

Companies Are Using the First Amendment to Dodge Regulations
Jacobin 05-23-2024
“These companies are advancing these arguments because they have seen some of these arguments prevail in other cases,” said Olivier Sylvain, Professor of Law at Fordham University and former advisor to the chair of the Federal Trade Commission. “Companies should not be able to claim that traditional commercial practices are expressive conduct and subject to the same kind of protections that a political campaign is.”

Rising Gun Control Measures Key to Tackling America’s Surge in Suicides
The UBJ 05-28-2024
Dr. Jacob Smith, an associate political science professor at Fordham University, found that broader gun control measures are associated with lower firearm fatalities, including suicides. He notes that while mental health services are vital, immediate restriction or delayed access to guns is immediately life-saving.

From cancer survivor to magna cum laude
Manila Bulletin 05-22-2024
At just three years old, Seve Perez was diagnosed with acute lymphoblastic leukemia, beginning a remarkable journey of resilience and triumph. Over the weekend, Seve, now 22, graduated magna cum laude from Fordham University’s Gabelli School of Business with a Bachelor of Science in Business Analytics.

Tracking Mike Breen ‘BANG!’ calls: 2024 NBA playoffs edition
ESPN 05-27-2024
[Mike] Breen says his signature call finds its roots during his college days at Fordham University — but not in the way you’d expect. While Breen was a member of Fordham’s student radio station, WFUV, “bang” wasn’t his go-to call when he was on the air. On the contrary, it was what he’d yell in the stands after a big shot as a fan when he wasn’t calling a game.

Why Manhattan rats are different from Brooklyn rats
Classic City News 05-28-2024
These findings are the result of a 2017 study led by Matthew Combs, a former graduate student at Fordham University. Combs discovered two genetically distinct subpopulations of New York City rats — uptown and downtown — and even genetic differences among rats in adjacent neighborhoods such as the West and East Villages.

Former Tewksbury resident, Shawsheen Tech grad: Dell’Arciprete details struggle with EDS
Tewksbury Town Crier 06-01-2024
[Ashlee] Dell’Arciprete transferred to Fordham Uni­versity to finish her de­gree in Communications and Media Studies. Her tenacity and drive helped achieve her in­ternships at NBC News Digital, NBC Nightly News with Lester Holt, and NBC’s Late Night with Seth Meyers, fulfilling her lifelong dream of working at the famous “30 Rock.”

Fordham Takes Interim Tag off Olympian Tom Wilkens, Now Officially Head Coach
Swimming World Magazine 05-21-2024
After serving as the interim head coach for Fordham swimming & diving since October, Tom Wilkens has been given the title of head coach of the program, it was announced by Fordham director of athletics Ed Kull.

Best ‘BANG!’ Moments: Curry, Brown, Nembhard, Irving in 2024 NBA Playoffs
BVM Sports 05-25-2024
Mike Breen’s iconic “BANG!” call has become a staple in the NBA, with roots tracing back to his college days at Fordham University.

“Entitled Cousin Thinks She Can Still Be Friendly With Family After She Sued Them”
Bored Panda 05-28-2024
“While having money is a good thing, loving it—continually needing more of it—often leads to all kinds of trouble,” said Fordham University organizational psychology professor Dr. Paul Baard.

49ers announce multiple coaching staff changes
Audacity 05-22-2024
[Mick] Lombardi began his coaching career in the college ranks as a student assistant at Fordham University (2009-10). A native of Ocean City, NJ, Lombardi earned his bachelor’s degree in communications from Fordham University in 2011.

2024 Humanity in Action Fellows
Humanity in Action 05-26-2024
She [April Gore] received her B.A. in Women, Gender, and Sexuality Studies and Sociology from Fordham University, where she conducted research on the criminalization of pregnancy in Oklahoma and interned with the Women’s Rights Project of the American Civil Liberties Union, the Conditions of Confinement Program at the Center for Appellate Litigation, and Pregnancy Justice.

Veteran fund manager revises Nvidia stock price target after earnings
Miami Herald 05-26-2024
[Chris] Versace, who began his career in equity research before founding Versace Management in 2005, holds an MBA from Fordham Gabelli School of Business. He co-authored a book called “Cocktail Investing – Distilling Everyday Noise into Clear Investing Signals for Better Returns.”

A historical Jewish rediscovery in Rafah amid modern conflict
The Jerusalem Post 06-02-2024
According to the Jewish Virtual Library and a study by Fordham University, the Geonic period (c. 600–1050 CE) saw a flourishing Jewish community in Rafah, particularly prominent in the 9th and 10th centuries.

Expansion of Asian American studies fueled by racial attacks and activism
The Conversation 05-21-2024
Vanderbilt University announced its new major and minor in the field in 2023. That same year, Williams College started its concentration, akin to a minor, and Fordham University started its minor.

The NYC Youth Journalism Coalition Is Making Journalism More Accessible
Teen Vogue 05-30-2024
Every time I’d hear the word “journalism,” my ears perked up. I stayed up late looking for paid internships a twelve-year-old could do, researching Fordham University’s journalism school, and, of course, trying to find high schools with journalism programs.

A new unit of measurement for introductory physics lab
American Journal of Physics 06-01-2024
The authors would like to thank John Connolly for his help in developing the methods to construct the new rulers. Additionally, the authors would like to thank the Fordham Undergraduate Research Program, the funding of which aided in the work to design this new experiment.

Summer programs increase student curiosity, exploration
The Campanile 05-20-2024
As senior Clare Antonow stepped onto Fordham University’s Lincoln Center campus for the New York Times Summer Academy in the summer of 2023, she was immediately immersed in a crowd of international students. Upon being welcomed by her summer program’s counselors, Antonow said her feeling of excitement overtook her unease.

Section 2 Baseball: Barnstormer teammates Mack, Redick lead Saratoga Springs, Shenendehowa into AAA championship series
The Daily Gazette 05-22-2024
[James] Redick, a Shenendehowa senior who is committed to pitch at Fordham University, has played travel baseball the past several summers with [Michael] Mack, a Saratoga Springs senior who is committed to Northeastern.

‘Vote in the streets?’ Vietnam War protesters reassess strategy more than 50 years later
USA Today 05-25-2024
Mark Naison, now a professor of history at Fordham University, was a doctoral student at Columbia University in 1968. Naison said he joined the protests on campus that year, which urged the university to end its connections to military research in support of the Vietnam War and cease construction of a gym they believed promoted segregation.

Israeli airstrikes kill at least 35 in Rafah, according to Gaza officials | The Excerpt
USA Today 05-28-2024
My colleague, Savannah, talked to Mark [Naison], who is now, he’s a professor of history at Fordham University. And when he was at Columbia in 1968, he was part of the protest, urging the university to end its connections to military research in support of the Vietnam War, and to cease construction of a gym that they were building that the protesters believed promoted segregation.

The Great Butter Rebellion to Israel-Gaza war unrest: The history of student protests in US
Indian Express 05-23-2024
In a conversation with, [Mark] Naison, now a professor at Fordham University, paints a vivid picture of the scene. Unfolding over the course of multiple days, Columbia’s campus was besieged by student demonstrators and community members who had occupied five buildings on the campus.

News 12 Bronx: New York, NY – VIDEO UNAVAILABLE
News 12 Bronx 05-20-2024
“We are working closely with DA Darcel Clark, who is the head of the Prosecutors Against Gun Violence association. We are having a two-day conference at Fordham University, which will be targeted around gun violence measures,” said Vanessa Gibson, Bronx Borough President.

ESPN 05-21-2024
He’s [Vince Scully] so connected to that ‘faith and family’ that everything else is why he’s perfectly eloquent, and that was the name of the title because it was a class he took at Fordham University.

News All Day 05-21-2024
And for our final stop of the rush hour, we want to say a big congratulations to three recent Fordham University graduates. Three military veterans hailing from the Navy, the Air Force, and the Marines all graduated this afternoon from the executive MBA program at Fordham’s Gabelli School of Business.

KQED-FM (Radio): San Francisco, CA – AUDIO UNAVAILABLE
KQED 05-28-2024
“One of the underlying crimes that the prosecution is going to be arguing is that they were breaking election law by conspiring together to attempt to unlawfully influence the election,” said Adam Shlahet, director of the Brandon Moore trial advocacy Center at Fordham University’s School of Law.

Northwest News Radio: Seattle, WA – AUDIO UNAVAILABLE
KNWN 05-28-2024
“They don’t need to prove the underlying crime – They just need to prove that when they were falsifying business records, they were doing that in order to, with the intent to, cover up that other crime,” said Adam Shlahet, director of the Brandon Moore trial advocacy Center at Fordham University’s School of Law.