The deep inequity of the anti-college movement
The Hill 10-28-2023
“These ‘not for you’ messages cause harm to the next generation of diverse college-going students. I, for one, will not remain silent as I view silence as complicity to this injustice. It is up to all of us to rise up and challenge that harmful narrative,” said José Luis Alvarado, Dean of the Fordham Graduate School of Education.

‘You Can’t Hide It’: Georgette Heyer and the Perils of Posthumous Revision
The New York Times 10-30-2023
The publisher asked [Mary] Bly to write introductions explaining Heyer’s historical and literary relevance. A Shakespeare scholar and chair of the English department at Fordham University, Bly publishes historical romances under the pen name Eloisa James, and is a die-hard Heyer fan.

Xi urges women to have more babies as China battles record low birth rate
The Telegraph 10-31-2023
Carl Minzner, an expert on Chinese law and governance at New York’s Fordham University and the Council on Foreign Relations (CFR), said Communist Party leaders recently had shifted from a rhetorical embrace of gender equality “towards a more full-throated embrace of traditional gender norms.”

The $200 billion playbook that kneecapped Big Tobacco is coming for Mark Zuckerberg and his social media offspring
Fortune 10-26-2023
“The claim was that [Joe Camel] was meant to bring in young people and get them started on tobacco as a lifelong habit that would be extremely deleterious to their health,” says Kenneth Rashbaum, an adjunct professor of law at Fordham Law School and partner at Barton LLP focused on technology regulation. “In the case against Meta: substitute algorithms for Joe Camel.”

A Personalized Brain Implant Curbed a Woman’s OCD
Wired 10-30-2023
Dean McKay, a professor of psychology at Fordham University, wonders whether the neural trigger that was isolated in Pearson’s case would be the same for other people with OCD. “The question is whether or not this would generalize to where you could apply that for other patients,” McKay says. “We really don’t know whether other people would have similar neural signatures.”

This Year’s Synod Was Different from All Others — Audio Unavailable
NPR 10-31-2023
“This is a big game-changer,” said Brad Hinze, a professor of theology at Fordham University who has been following the Catholic church’s evolution for about 40 years. “Why is this a game changer? It’s because you’ve flipped the pyramid upside down. The people that were on the bottom can have a say, and it’s like ‘Oh, my gosh, this is great. I’ve been waiting to do this all my life.'”

Trump-Era Ruling Weakened Unions at Religious Colleges. Labor Is Fighting Back.
Truthout 10-29-2023
It’s also worth noting that at least some religious colleges and universities have been less overtly and persistently hostile to labor organizing. Mark Naison, a professor of history and African American studies at Fordham University, told Truthout that his university’s new president is “extremely forward-thinking and progressive.”

Speaking of Psychology: OCD myths and realities, with Dean McKay, PhD, and Uma Chatterjee
American Psychological Association 10-29-2023
Dean McKay, PhD, is a professor in the department of psychology at Fordham University. His research focuses on the nature and treatment of OCD, as well as anxiety disorders and the role of disgust in psychopathology.

Li Keqiang death: is China’s reform era officially over?
The Week 10-27-2023
The consequences of this could be significant. The reform era was “characterised by political stability, ideological openness, and rapid economic growth,” Carl Minzner, an expert on Chinese law and governance at Fordham University in New York, wrote in a 2015 paper.

How Florida farmworkers are protecting themselves from extreme heat
Grist 10-27-2023
It doesn’t help that federal labor law, including the National Labor Relations Act, doesn’t cover agricultural workers in the same way it protects employees in other sectors, said James Brudney, a professor of labor and employment law at Fordham University.

Beyond the ‘Business Case’ in DEI: 6 Steps Toward Meaningful Change’
Harvard Business School 10-31-2023
Stay the course, because corporate diversity programs and goals are legal, [Jamillah Bowman] Williams says, though no one can guarantee there won’t be a future challenge. Williams cited the work of another law professor, Atinuke Adediran of Fordham University, who researches racial targets for corporate hiring and promotion pledges and recently published a paper saying they are legally defensible.

Rebuild the machine? Party clubs could rekindle city’s lost political culture
Crain’s New York Business 10-30-2023
In recent years, however, some scholars have begun to look upon the machine more favorably—“as something that drew people into the political system and got them involved,” said Daniel Soyer, a professor of history at Fordham University.

The Meaning of Encounter
The Torch 10-31-2023
Angela Alaimo O’Donnell, Ph.D is a professor, poet, and writer at Fordham University and serves as Associate Director of Fordham’s Curran Center for American Catholic Studies. She has published two chapter books and eight collections of poems.

Latest News in Black Art: Lauren Halsey Joins Gagosian, Todd Gray Now Repped by Lehmann Maupin, Harvey B. Gantt Center Turns 50, Plus Major Shake Up at Artforum
Culture Type 10-28-2023
[Caitlin Meehye] Beach is an assistant professor of art history and affiliated faculty in African and African American studies at Fordham University and, for the 2023-24 academic year, she is serving as co-director of the new Asian American studies program at Fordham.

Why Are We So Squeamish About Teaching ‘Skills’?
The Chronicle of Higher Education 11-01-2023
“Professors have always preferred to teach content over skills. But shifting that focus might just revive our graduate programs,” wrote Leonard Cassuto, a professor of English at Fordham University who writes regularly for The Chronicle about graduate education.

Now Discern This: Listening at the Ignatian Family Teach-In
Jesuits 11-01-2023
But for me, I’m left chewing on the words of Fr. Bryan Massingale. Fr. Massingale is a theologian and professor at Fordham University, and he is the author of the important book “Racial Justice and the Catholic Church” (Orbis, 2010).

The Palestinians Play David to Israel’s Goliath
Scheer Post 10-27-2023
“There’s no room for complexity in the American media when it comes to Israel and Palestine,” said Robin Andersen, the award-winning author and professor emerita of communication and media studies at Fordham University, to host Robert Scheer on this episode of the Scheer Intelligence podcast.

“Golda” Screening Seeks Resilience, Survival, Hope Amid Israeli Wars
New Haven Independent 10-30-2023
Although the screening was planned months before Oct. 7, ​“the timing is eerie,” said Doron Ben-Atar, an Israeli-born history professor at Fordham University. Ben-Atar was one of the presenters and moderators of a brief post-film discussion, along with Prof. Shiri Goren of the Near Eastern Languages Department.

Here are prominent Boys Town cases of sexual abuse, rape reported over the years
Des Moines Register 11-01-2023
Julia Feder, an associate professor of theology at Creighton University in Omaha, has expertise regarding the issue of child sexual abuse and is among a team of academics and other experts studying clergy abuse for Fordham University in New York.

Video: Meet the New Executive Director of TDF, Deeksha Gaur
Broadway World 10-31-2023
She [Deeksha Gaur] will be an adjunct professor at Fordham University this Fall, and has guest lectured in arts marketing at New York University, Howard University, and Yale University.

Broadway World 10-30-2023
[Frank] DiLella received a degree from Fordham University at Lincoln Center and has since returned to his alma mater as an adjunct professor teaching entertainment journalism.

Aaron Judge named recipient of the 2023 Roberto Clemente Award presented by Capital One
MLB 10-30-2023
Since the foundation’s inception in 2018, Aaron has hosted multiple baseball ProCamps in California and New York. In 2023, local youth attended the Aaron Judge ALL RISE Baseball ProCamp at Fordham University in the Bronx.

The first World Series was held at Northeastern 120 years ago
Northeastern Global News 10-31-2023
“The owner of the Highlanders, not thinking his team would be a contender, rented his stadium to Fordham University for a football game — so some games that should have been in New York were played in Boston, giving the Americans the home field advantage,” Johnson says. “New York lost on a bad business judgment.”

The nation’s most haunted university is in NYC, says study
SILive 10-28-2023
Fordham University in the Bronx emerged as the most haunted university in the United States overall, closely followed by CUNY-City College in Harlem.

Study: Texas home to some of the nation’s most-haunted colleges
San Antonio Current 10-31-2023
Fordham University in New York City ranked as the nation’s most haunted university, followed by City University of New York-City College at No. 2 and the University of Denver at No. 3.

Edge4Vets Prepares and Connects Vets to Jobs
Metropolitan Airport News 10-31-2023
For twelve years, the Human Resiliency Institute at Fordham University has been offering the Edge4Vets jobs prep workshop series to help veterans learn how to identify their transferable skills from the military – which are enormous – and make connections to employers, including aviation employers – for a chance to apply them.

After a seven-year run, the Bronx Night Market bids farewell forever. Or does it?
Bronx Times 11-01-2023
[Marco] Shalma has not dismissed the idea of bringing back the market and noted that the plaza remains the perfect location given its centrality, its access to Metro-North and its proximity to Fordham University.

Suffering and Solace: Edgar Allan Poe’s Catholic Imagination’
Church Life Journal 10-27-2023
Poe’s family moved to a small cottage within walking distance of St. John’s College, which we know today as Fordham University. According to Poe biographer, Arthur Hobson Quinn, “Poe found intellectual and spiritual companionship during his life at Fordham.”

David Ortiz and Derek Jeter hilariously mock Kevin Burkhardt’s college reel
Awful Announcing 10-31-2023
But Burkhardt’s rags to riches story in terms of broadcasting talent should serve as a pretty great inspiration for anyone who wants to become a sports announcer. It’s also a great advertisement for William Paterson University. You don’t think of William Paterson among the likes of Syracuse, Northwestern or Fordham University, but they must have done something right with Burkhardt.

Are cats good hunters?
The South African 10-30-2023
A study from Fordham University found that cats weren’t hunting rats as much as believed. The rats often outsmarted them by seeking shelter when more cats were around.

Joe Vukov predicts the real problems are more ‘I don’t care’ than ‘I, Robot’
Post Bulletin 11-02-2023
[Joe] Vukov has become one of the emerging thought leaders on the ethical and moral implications of Artificial Intelligence. He is also an associate professor of philosophy at Loyola, with a doctorate in philosophy from Fordham University, a master’s degree in humanities from the University of Chicago, and a bachelor’s degree from Bethel University.

College Basketball Star Gets Back in the Game Thanks to NYU Langone’s Rusk Rehabilitation
NYU Langone Health 10-28-2023
Lexie Tural has been playing basketball since the age of 5, and by the time college came around, her hard work led to a place on the Fordham University women’s basketball team. Her dreams came to a halt when a painful anterior cruciate ligament (ACL) tear sidelined her.

Mary Ann Hanson of Malverne honored as ‘Woman of Distinction’
LIHerald 10-27-2023
[Mary Ann] Hanson began working with ANCHOR in 1999, but decided she wanted to do more. In 2001 she went back to school, getting an undergraduate degree at Adelphi University. Not yet satisfied, she then pursued a Master’s degree in social work from Fordham University.

An Author Shares What She’s Learned on Her Journey Through Grief
27 East 10-30-2023
After receiving her doctorate from Fordham University in the Bronx, she [Susan Powers] studied Gestalt Synergy with Ilana Rubenfeld on a post-doctoral level. Powers was married to her first husband in graduate school at Fordham while he was training to be a doctor.

Books for Kids founder honored by Lakewood Ranch Community Fund
Observer 11-01-2023
After graduating from Fordham University, [Ted] Lindenberg said he had no idea what he was going to do. He worked for a couple of publishing companies, but said he wasn’t out among people enough.

Small Christian Communities, prominent in Asia, Latin America, seen as model for whole church
Catholic Review 10-29-2023
Franciscan Father Edgardo Jara Araya works with base ecclesial communities at St. Camillus Parish in Silver Spring, Maryland, which is in the Archdiocese of Washington. For his doctorate in ministry from Fordham University in New York, he wrote his dissertation on three of the parish communities.

Forest Park basketball courts groundbreaking Nov. 7
The St. Louis American 11-02-2023
In 2018, [Nicholas J.] Booker suffered a severe asthma attack while playing pickup basketball during his first year at Fordham University in New York and passed away. … His passion for the park and the game that many St. Louisans call their favorite will be remembered on new basketball courts in Forest Park that will be open for play in 2024.

We are pleased to present this year’s collection of new books by members of the Foreign Service community and their families.
American Foreign Service Association 10-31-2023
Thanks to the free Russian-language classes offered by Fordham University during the Cold War, the author [Bob McCarthy] developed an interest in Russian while in high school, which led to his eventual career in the Foreign Service, with several assignments to Eastern Europe and Russia.

Kyle Marshall Choreography comes to Joyce Theater
New York Amsterdam News 11-02-2023
As a teacher, [Kyle] Marshall has conducted masterclasses and creative workshops, and set choreography at schools such as ADF, Rutgers University, Ailey/Fordham University, and more.

THE DUCHESS OF LES: An AI Musical From Little Ukraine to Have World Premiere At The Kraine Theatre
Broadway World 10-31-2023
[Denis] Woychuk has an M.F.A. in fiction from Brooklyn College and a J.D. from Fordham University School of Law.