As Governor Ron DeSantis and the Florida state legislature have raced to re-shape higher education in the state with bills restricting DEI efforts, limiting tenure protections, and banning the teaching of controversial subjects, the silence from Florida’s public college leaders has been deafening. None have spoken out against what experts see as serious violations of academic freedom, and 28 community college leaders signed a letter supporting several of the reforms.

DeSantis has shown a taste for retribution, and it’s not hard to imagine that college leaders who speak out against him could find themselves fired and their institutions penalized financially.

“Those presidents have a hostage to worry about,” said Tania Tetlow, president of Fordham University, a Jesuit school located in New York. “They’re not in a position to speak freely.”

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Jane Martinez is director of media relations and deputy University spokesperson at Fordham. She can be reached at [email protected] or (347) 992-1815.