Five seniors on two campuses have received the Dorothy Day Service & Justice Awards for having done outstanding community service over the course of their four years at the University. They are:

Sarah Allison Photos by Janet Sassi
Sarah Allison
Photos by Janet Sassi

Sarah Allison (Rose Hill): Allison dedicated much of her time to the Dorothy Day Center and the circulation of its social justice values with her fellow Fordham students.  As a Social Justice Leader, she has focused on the issues of police brutality and institutionalized racism. 

Zann Ballsun-Simms (Lincoln Center): Ballsun-Simms has worked with Fordham freshmen as a leader in the Urban Plunge program, as well as assisting rural Ghanaian students in the construction of a school.  She was a program coordinator with the Met Council on Housing, where she helped organize rallies, protests, and marches that drew thousands.

Scarly Rodriguez

Chris Hennessy (Lincoln Center): As a Social Justice Leader, Hennessy worked to connect Fordham with the community outside the campus on social justice issues. He has taken a leadership role in the Urban Plunge program, the Hurricane Sandy relief programs, and numerous on-campus events, such as talk backs and black outs.

Scarly Rodriguez (Rose Hill): Rodriguez has been a coordinator with Fordham’s History Makers Program since even before her enrollment at Fordham. Since then, her work has extended from the local sphere, as a volunteer at the Bronx Teen Health Center, to the international, in India with Global Outreach and in El Salvador with the Casa de la Solidaridad.

Emily Tormey
Emily Tormey

Emily Tormey (Rose Hill): In her time at Fordham, Tormey has advanced from Urban Plunge and College Access, to initiatives such as Global Outreach and the Social Justice Leaders. She was the chapter Director of “Strive for College” and the Fordham Club. As a graduate, she will continue her service work with the Jesuit Volunteer Corps.

— Kiran Singh contributed to the reporting



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