Photo by Nina Romeo
Photo by Nina Romeo

Director of Global Outreach, Office of Mission and Ministry

Eight years


Paul works with 28 student-led cultural immersion and service projects that help raise awareness about social, economic, political and environmental injustice. Through the program, members of the Fordham community live, work and learn with partnering organizations throughout the United States and countries in Asia, Africa, Latin America and Europe. Paul directs a staff of four and also manages the program’s budgets and fundraising.

Paul is a graduate of Providence College in Rhode Island and holds two master’s degrees from Fordham. After college, he worked as a Jesuit volunteer, serving at Project Lazarus, a home for people with AIDS in New Orleans. Before becoming director of global outreach in 2006, Paul worked for three years in Fordham’s Office of Alumni Relations.

“Global Outreach is based upon an interconnected framework of community, spirituality, social justice and simple living. These provide the solid support for student experiences the way pillars provide architectural support for a house. Students live communally and work to build community within their groups and with their host organizations. They learn about issues such as inadequate housing, disparities of wealth, HIV and AIDS, hunger, environmental sustainability, emigration and war. They are encouraged to share their spiritual and emotional growth with each other throughout the program.”


“To create an experience that is community focused and service oriented, students live a life free of cell phones, iPods, and other technologies that may distract them from those goals. They may do without some of the material comforts they are accustomed to. For instance, they may not shower as frequently as when they are at home because in some areas water supply is an issue, and also, this enables the focus to move away from personal appearance toward solidarity with others.”

“The periods before and after the immersion experience are just as important as the time spent in host communities. This time enables students to work together on fundraising and community building, and afterward to take time to reflect upon what they have witnessed and experienced. There is a motto among Jesuit Volunteers known as ‘ruined for life.’ What this means is that we want students to feel disturbed by the injustices they have encountered. This is the feeling that has led many of our students to go on to do important work for social justice long after they have finished the program.”

“Global Outreach and the Jesuit education offered at Fordham naturally go together. The service opportunities of Global Outreach exemplify the Jesuit philosophy of men and women for and with others. This is seen in the immense student interest we get every year in terms of large numbers of applications. The program continues to grow every year, and the Catholic Campus Ministry Association has recognized Fordham’s Global Outreach program as one of the best among all Catholic universities and colleges.”

In his free time, Paul enjoys reading as well as playing and watching sports, especially soccer. Not surprisingly, he loves to travel.