Dominic Balestra, 69, Of Pelham Manor, NY, Fordham professor
The New York Times 11-10-16
Dominic was appointed to the faculty at Fordham University in the Bronx where he enjoyed a long and successful career as a professor of Philosophy.

When it comes to trusting politicians, don’t go with your gut
The Washington Post 11-07-16
Robert Hurley is a Professor and Director of the Consortium for Trustworthy Organizations at the Gabelli School of Business at Fordham University and the author of “The Decision to Trust.”

Trump won because college-educated Americans are out of touch
The Washington Post 11-09-16
Charles C. Camosy is an associate professor at Fordham University, and the author of “Beyond the Abortion Wars: A Way Forward for A New Generation.”


The Great Sports Debate: ESPN New York 98.7FM’s Michael Kay and Don La Greca Face Off at Fordham 11-04-16
On Monday, Nov. 7, the day before Election Day, ESPN New York 98.7FM will have a debate of its own – The Great Sports Debate – in a live broadcast from Fordham University’s Keating Hall from 6 – 7 p.m. ET.

The Great Sports Debate Highlights The Michael Kay Show at Fordham University 11-04-16
The Michael Kay Show ‎will air live from Fordham’s historic Keating Hall during its regular time slot beginning at 3:00 PM, with the extended special debate program from 6:00-7:00 PM.

NYC Radio: ESPN 98.7 FM Hosts “The Great Sports Debate” 11-08-16
Monday night, WEPN ESPN New York 98.7 FM’s The Michael Kay Show hosted its first-ever The Great Sports Debate at Fordham University in New York.

The Great Sports Debate Highlights The Michael Kay Show at Fordham University 11-04-16
The live showcase will be presented in conjunction with Fordham’s Department of Communication and Media Studies, and the moderator will be Kay Show co-host and ENN anchor Peter Rosenberg.

Holy Cross and Fordham to Compete in Ram-Crusader Cup at Yankee Stadium 11-07-16
The College of the Holy Cross Crusaders will host the Fordham University Rams at Yankee Stadium as the two teams compete for the 31st Ram-Crusader Cup on November 12.
[and other outlets]

Holy Cross football to play at Yankee Stadium 11-08-16
In the latest example of growing interest in College of the Holy Cross sports, the Crusaders will host the Fordham University Rams at Yankee Stadium this weekend in the 31st Ram-Crusader Cup

Best for Vets: Colleges 2017
Military Times 11-09-16
70) Fordham University


How Tara Anderson Got Started in Public Radio 11-07-16
“When I got home I got online and found a graduate assistant position open at Fordham University that included working 20 hours a week at WFUV, the university’s public radio station.


Engaged teachers engage students: diverse students’ insights from the ‘Good Teaching’ project 11-07-16
His books include Foucault and Literature (Routledge, 1991), Patrick White (OUP, 1994), Modern Enchantments: the cultural power of secular magic (Harvard, 2002), Exit Capitalism: Literary Culture, Theory and Post-Secular Modernity (Routledge, 2009), and Against democracy: literary experience in the era of emancipations (Fordham University Press, 2012).

Featured Author: Brady Heiner 11-09-16
His work has been published in anthologies such as Death and Other Penalties: Philosophy in a Time of Mass Incarceration (Fordham University Press, 2015) and States of Confinement: Policing, Detention, and Prisons (Palgrave, 2002)…


DIRTT Announces Record Third Quarter Revenues and Welcomes New Director 11-09-16
He is a life-long resident of New York City and currently sits on the Board of the Bryant Park Management Corporation, Regional Plan Association and Fordham University President’s Council.


Setting the World’s Agenda
America Magazine November 14, 2016 Issue
Michael C. McCarthy, S.J., is vice president for mission integration and planning and an associate professor of theology at Fordham University.

TEDx YU Spreads Ideas to the Yeshiva Community
The Commentator 11-06-16
The final speaker of the evening was Ariel Fishman, a former professor at the Sy Sym’s School of Business who is the Assistant Vice President of Academic Program Planning, Development, and Approval at Fordham University.


The fashion police: Should clothing be copyrighted?
The Globe and Mail 11-08-16
One of the convoluted thicket of arguments put forward in the amicus curiae brief by Fordham University’s Fashion Law Institute and expert designers like Narciso Rodriguez and brands such as Proenza Schouler argues that some garments can be closer to art than function, meaning “closely related to sculpture,” citing examples from Charles James to Rei Kawakubo.


Bridgegate trial: What’s next for Chris Christie?
CNN 11-04-16
“They’d have to find a fairly close connection between him and the (lane closure) orders,” Fordham University law professor James Cohen said of the state office of attorney ethics.

EDITORIAL: Zephyr Teachout for Congress
The Columbia Paper 11-03-16
Like Mr. Faso, Ms. Teachout is a lawyer. She’s also a law professor at Fordham University and has been engaged in efforts to allow the voices of ordinary people to be heard when huge companies like Comcast and Time Warner Cable wanted to merge and when the scheme emerged that would have given preferential treatment on the web for large firms while increasing charges for individuals.

The Battle for Congress, Fought in the Hudson Valley
WNYC 11-04-16
Fordham University law professor Zephyr Teachout – a  Bernie Sanders Democrat –  is taking on John Faso, a well-known former Republican State Assemblyman  who’s supporting Donald Trump.

The Congressional Candidate Who Wants to Change the Way You Think About Women’s Issues
The Cut 11-03-16
Since then, she’s kept a relatively low profile, continuing her work as an assistant professor at Fordham Law School and taking over Larry Lessig’s Mayday PAC, which did little to sway 2014 midterm races.

Teachout: I’m Running Against Opponent’s Donors Not Him
Fox News Radio 11-04-16
Teachout, an assistant law professor at Fordham University School of Law, first turned heads in New York politics when she ran for the Democratic nomination for Governor against incumbent Andrew Cuomo and got 35.5 percent of the vote.

Election Day 2016 11-08-16
Election law expert: Make sure your ballot counts – Tips from Jerry Goldfeder, professor at Fordham University and author of ‘Modern Election Law:

Gun law professor debunks stricter gun laws to reduce violence (VIDEOS) 11-07-16
Nicholas Johnson, professor of law at Fordham University, breaks down if gun control measures in places like Australia could work in America.

Trump win cements conservative hold on top court
AFP via Yahoo! News 11-09-16
Trump “will almost surely nominate a conservative justice in the mold of Justice Scalia because it is an easy and high-profile way for him to give something to his political base,” Thomas Lee of Fordham Law School told AFP.

With Trump in White House, Criminal Justice Reformers Will Look Elsewhere
NBC News 11–10-16
“The reform movement all along has been local,” said John Pfaff, who teaches criminal justice policy at Fordham University School of Law.

Why Donald Trump’s election won’t doom the criminal justice reform movement
Fusion 11-09-16
“Even states like Oklahoma that voted overwhelmingly for Trump voted in favor of fairly sweeping criminal justice reform referendums at the same time,” said John Pfaff, a Fordham University law professor who studies incarceration.

RZA Advocates for Criminal Justice Reform, Which Will Be a Tough Sell Under Trump
Spin Magazine 11-09-16
On the other hand, Fordham Law professor and criminal justice reform expert John Pfaff wrote on Twitter that the movement saw strides forward this week.

American Bar Association Considers Privacy Specialty
Bloomberg BNA 11-10-16
“The concern is that calling yourself a specialist can be misleading because it misleadingly implies that some outside organization has recognized your expertise when in fact that’s not true,” Fordham University School of Law professor Bruce Green told Bloomberg BNA.


‘Deep breath’ is the best advice for investors after this election
Las Vegas Sun 11-04-16
Paul Bennett, a clinical professor of finance and economics at Fordham University in New York, spent 20 years working at the Federal Reserve before becoming chief economist at the New York Stock Exchange from 2001 to 2008.

When it comes to trusting politicians, don’t go with your gut
The Washington Post 11-07-16
Robert Hurley is a Professor and Director of the Consortium for Trustworthy Organizations at the Gabelli School of Business at Fordham University and the author of “The Decision to Trust.”


How Should Reading Be Taught in a Digital Era?
Education Week 11-08-16
“Just like we teach nonfiction and fiction at a very young age, I think we can talk to preschoolers and kindergartners about different kinds of texts—this is one where we turn the pages, and this is one where we click on the different pages,” said Kristen Hawley Turner, an associate professor of English education and contemporary literacies at Fordham University.

Common Core Gives Nod to Digital Skills
Education Week 11-08-16
The standard gives teachers permission to teach digital reading but doesn’t do much more than that, said Kristen Hawley Turner, an associate professor of English education and contemporary literacies at Fordham University.


Jim Shearer: Music Journalist Turned Fordham Professor 11-03-16
Jim Shearer is best known as the host of VH1’s Top 20 Video Countdown, but now he spends a short amount of his time as a professor at Fordham University.

NYC bat study shines light on rarely documented mammals in urban habitat
am New York 11-03-16
“We predicted Big Brown Bats to be most common,” but that honor is held by the diminutive, moth-loving Eastern Red Bat, said J. Alan Clark, one of the authors of “Bats in the Bronx: Acoustic Monitoring in NYC” and an associate professor in the biological sciences at Fordham University.

Clinton Clings to Slim Lead Over Trump
Voice of America 11-03-16
As the two candidates enter the final stretch of what has been a contentious presidential campaign, Clinton must encourage voters to go to the polls, according to Fordham University political science professor Christina Greer.

Presidential Politics Roundtable
WNYC 11-04-16
With just a few days to go before Election Day, Brian discusses the latest news in presidential campaign politics with Christina Greer, associate professor of political science at Fordham University and the author of Black Ethnics: Race, Immigration, and the Pursuit of the American Dream(Oxford University Press, 2013), Brooke Gladstone, host and managing editor of WNYC’s On The Media, and Oren Cass, senior fellow at the Manhattan Institute where he focuses on energy, the environment and antipoverty policy.

Donald Trump Elected President of the United States 11-09-16
Christina Greer, a professor of political science at Fordham University, said Trump’s election may very well be the start of difficult times for the United States at home and on the global stage.

Giuliani’s Gamble on Trump Pays Off. Bigly.
The New York Times 11-10-16
“When we talk about the Rudy of today, we have to talk about the Rudy of the past,” said Christina Greer, who teaches political science at Fordham University.

New York Leaders Finding Their Voice in a Trump World
WNYC 11-10-16
As he faces his own campaign for re-election in 2017, Fordham University professor Christina Greer said de Blasio is well-positioned to harness that lingering energy inspired by Senator Bernie Sanders, but with one catch.

Female Leadership Is All About the Economy
U.S. News and World Report 11-07-16
“Most women (leaders) support policies that tap into otherwise unrealized growth potential. Any leader who supports increased participation in education and empowerment is making a long-term investment in the economy,” says Melissa Labonte, an associate professor of political science at Fordham University.

On Election Day, Federal Policy & Funding Stakes High for New York City
Gotham Gazette 11-07-16
Dr. Bruce Berg, a political science professor at Fordham University, said there are three levels on which to assess the candidates’ plans and their potential impact on New York.

How Much Is Your Lab Director’s Reputation Worth?
The Chronicle of Higher Education 11-06-16
Leonard Cassuto, a professor of English at Fordham University, writes regularly about graduate education in this space.

Democratic ‘Front Groups’ or Faithful Political Engagement?
National Catholic Register 11-04-16
Charles Camosy is a moral theologian at Fordham University who sits on the board of Democrats for Life of America.

Texas priest puts aborted fetus on altar to urge others to vote for Trump
Dallas News 11-08-16
If anything, Pavone’s actions are a signal that the older anti-abortion groups are on their way out, said Charles Camosy, a bioethics professor at Fordham University and a board member of Democrats for Life of America.

Trump won because college-educated Americans are out of touch
The Washington Post 11-09-16
Charles C. Camosy is an associate professor at Fordham University, and the author of “Beyond the Abortion Wars: A Way Forward for A New Generation.”

Colorado becomes latest state to legalize physician-aided death
The Christian Science Monitor 11-10-16
Her story gave “new life to the pro-assisted suicide movements” and prompted a new wave of legislation among state lawmakers, Charles Camosy, an associate professor of theology at Fordham University in New York, told the Monitor at the time.

Editorial: President-elect Trump’s outreach must begin now
Worcester Telegram and Gazette 11-09-16
Associate Professor Charles C. Camosy of Fordham University cites exit polls revealing that nearly 30 percent of Ms. Clinton’s vaunted Latino vote went to Mr. Trump, a higher percentage than Mitt Romney received four years ago.

A Great American Gender Bender? US Election 2016
Psychology Today 11-05-16
He is an Associate Research Professor at the Institute of Global Cultural Studies, SUNY Binghamton, and Fordham University’s Industrial Organization and Leadership program in NYC.

‘I Voted’ Stickers Mark American Election Day
Voice of America 11-08-16
For some, the stickers serve as a kind of thank you for voting, something Costas Panagopoulos, a professor of political science at Fordham University said will make them likely to vote again.

This Is the Story Behind Your ‘I Voted’ Sticker
Time 11-07-16
Similarly, research by Costas Panagopoulos, a professor of political science at Fordham University, found that when voters are thanked for voting in a past election, they’re more likely to vote in a future election.

Trump voters could be the wild card for exit polls 11-07-16
“Views about the media can affect response rates,” said Costas Panagopoulos, a political science professor at Fordham University who has written about the challenges surrounding exit polls.

Why You Can’t Stop Watching Those Pimple-Popping Videos
Glamour 11-07-16
“Seeking out videos of this sort stimulates an emotional state that isn’t frequently provoked,” says Dean McKay, Ph.D., a psychology professor at Fordham University in New York who studies disgust.

Seattle’s building boom displacing least loved denizens – rats 11-07-16
Speaking with KUOW recently, Fordham University rat expert Jason Munshi-South said the milder winters and earlier springs aren’t helping any either.

New Yorkers head out early to cast votes in ‘the election of our lifetimes’
NY Daily News 11-08-16
Jason Munshi-South, 38, a biology professor at Fordham, lamented the effect the election has had on his two young children.

TABS Analytics and Womens Marketing to Present Results of Third Annual Beauty Study during November 16 Webinar 11-09-16
In addition to being the CEO, founder and lead product developer for TABS Analytics, [Kurt] Jetta is also the Director of the Research Unit of the Economics of Consumer Marketing, which is a part of the Center for International Policy at Fordham University.

ABC 7 NY 11-09-16
It’s not such a leap when you consider there was once an actor who also became president according to Paul Levinson, a professor of communication & media studies at Fordham University.

Dr. Paul Levinson on Plagiarism 11-04-16
Dr. Paul Levinson, Communications Professor at Fordham University in NYC and popular blogger was kind enough to share some thoughts on plagiarism with us.

10 Ways Clinton Supporters Can Manage Their Post-Election Stress 11-10-16
Rachel Annunziato, an associate professor of psychology at Fordham University, saw students cry and express anger at the election’s outcome as they banded together on campus Wednesday.

Congressman Serrano Celebrates African Heritage
Bronx Times 11-10-16
This year’s honorees were Joseph Awadjie, City University of New York Student Senate chairman emeritus 2014-2016; African Services Committee, Inc.; Dr. Jane Edward, Fordham University clinical assistant professor…


Fordham Football Upends Colgate on Senior Day 11-05-16
If one were to look up the word perseverance in the dictionary (or in today’s parlance, Google it), it’s not likely they’ll find a photo of Fordham senior wide receiver Robbie Cantelli.

Atlantic 10 Conference college basketball season preview for 2016-17 11-08-16
9. Fordham Rams

College Notebook 11-09-16
Fordham University senior goalkeeper Megan Fitzgerald (Masuk) made three saves in a 2-2 double-overtime draw with George Mason University in the last game of the regular season on Oct. 30.

Utica College ready for ranked Alfred 11-04-16
The Raciers travel to play the Fordham Rams at 1 p.m. Saturday at Jack Coffey Field. Colgate and Fordham are each 2-1 in the Patriot League.

Patriot League Title: Not for Fordham despite home win finale
The Bronx Chronicle 11-09-16
They rang the Rams bell after their win at Jack Coffey Field at Rose Hill Saturday afternoon.

Breaking down NYC-area teams: Who could make NCAA tourney?
New York Post 11-10-16
Fordham Rams: Last season: (17-14, 8-10 Atlantic 10)

Beverly’s Flaherty wraps up college football career for Holy Cross this weekend at Yankee Stadium 11-09-16
Beverly’s Brendan Flaherty will play the final game of his college football career this Saturday when he and his Holy Cross teammates travel to the Bronx to take on Fordham University in the ‘Ram-Crusader Cup’ at Yankee Stadium.


The three steps to dominating every social network 11-03-16
Marc Guberti is a student at Fordham University and a social media and business blogger and author.

How Social Media Has Changed The Beauty Industry
Refinery29 11-08-16
Brittany Nguyen, a junior at Fordham University, is a long-time fan of YouTubers like Goss and Phan.

Thousands Protest Outside Trump Tower After Election Stunner
BuzzFeed 11-09-16
Eleen Liu, a student at Fordham University, said she was shocked with the results of the presidential election.

Friendship between Sphynx cat and puppy makes thousands swoon over Instagram pictures 11-09-16
Loren, a student at New York City’s Fordham University, says: ‘Lulu has grown to think of Botox like a parent because she was just three weeks old when we brought her home.

Guest Post: Reading Letters 11-10-16
Christy [Pottroff] is a a Mellon Dissertation Fellow in Early Material Texts at the McNeil Center for Early American Studies and a Ph.D. candidate in English at Fordham University.


Cristo Rey Schools Build Social Capital for Students — and Financial Stability for Schools 11-04-16
After graduating from Fordham in 2011, Abiezer [Mendez] accepted a position with JP Morgan.

Island native John Wolyniec named USL Coach of the Year 11-04-16
[John Wolyniec], the one-time Monsignor Farrell and Fordham University star, not only guided the New York Red Bulls II to the United Soccer Leagues (USL) championship, but was named the USL 2016 Coach of the Year earlier this week.

WWII bomber pilot awarded Silver Star 11-02-16
After returning home in February of 1946, [William “Joe”] Schneider went back to Fordham University to finish his degree.

STAC Honored John and Donna Azarian and Sr. Peggy Scarano, O.P. at its Annual Tribute Dinner 11-05-16
[Sr. Peggy] earned her Bachelor of Science in Education degree from St. Thomas Aquinas College, a Master of Science in Special Education from Manhattan College and a NYS certificate in Educational Administration from Fordham University.

Alumna will work to end gridlock if elected to US House seat
The GW Hatchet 11-07-16
After graduating from GW, [Christina] Hartman went on to work for the Freedom House, an organization committed to the expansion of freedom and democracy throughout the world, before attending Fordham University to earn her master’s degree in international political economy and development in 2004.

The Last Time the Chicago Cubs Were in the World Series 11-04-16
In 1945, Scully was calling games for the Fordham Rams in New York City.

Perricone MD Names New Chief Marketing And Sales Officer 11-08-16
[Jessica] Hanson received her MBA in Marketing at Fordham University Gabelli School of Business and B.S. in Graphic Communication at California Polytechnic State University, San Luis Obispo, CA.

NeuroMetrix Announces Promotion of Frank McGillin to Chief Commercial Officer 11-08-16
[Frank McGillin] holds an MBA degree from Fordham University and a BS degree from Northeastern University.

Day in the life: Taylor Spellman
The Real Deal 11-01-16
She opted instead to attend Fordham University and graduated in 2005 with a business degree.

Gallelli, Pugh Reelected to Croton Village Board 11-09-16
[Brian Pugh] graduated from the evening division of the Fordham University School of Law and was awarded the Addison M. Metcalf Labor Law Prize in 2015.

The mellifluous voice and long career of the best sports broadcaster ever
Catholic Star Herald 11-10-16
A devout Roman Catholic to this day, [Vin Scully] attended Fordham Preparatory School and Fordham University.

Jones Walker LLP Welcomes 11 New Associates 11-10-16
Ms. [Jane] White received her juris doctor degree from Fordham University School of Law in New York City where she was a member of the Fordham Urban Law Journal, participated in the Mediation Clinic, and received the Archibald R. Murray Public Service Award in the spring of 2016.

Yonkers native comes home to top ATF job in New York 11-10-16
After graduating from Fordham Prep and then Fordham University with an accounting degree, though, [Ashan Benedict] joined the U.S. Treasury Department in 1995, working as a special agent in the IRS Criminal Investigation Division in Southern California and New York City.


Dominic Balestra, 69, Of Pelham Manor, NY, Fordham professor
The New York Times 11-10-16
Dominic was appointed to the faculty at Fordham University in the Bronx where he enjoyed a long and successful career as a professor of Philosophy.

Jonathan Regis Cray, 67, Of Pittsburgh, PA, actor
Stage and Screen Actor Jonathan Regis Cray Passes Away at 67 11-04-16
He graduated with a degree in theater from Carnegie Mellon and with a JD from Fordham Law School.

Sister Mary Louise Twomey, 84, Of NY, NY, teacher
Sister Mary Louise Twomey 11-08-16
Sister Mary Louise received a BS in Education, Fordham University, New York in 1960 and her MS in Religious Education from Fordham University, New York in 1987.

Edward J. Stevens, 87, Of Silver Ridge Park East, NJ, Army veteran
Edward J. Stevens 11-10-16
Edward was a graduate of Fordham Preparatory School in New York City and received a Bachelor’s Degree from Fordham University.

Daniel Boland, 56, Of River Edge, NJ, VP at Morgan Stanley
Daniel Boland 10-21-16
He received a BS in Accounting from Villanova University in 1982 and an MBA from Fordham University in 1989.