Shortly after receiving her eponymous award, Rosemary Biddle was also selected to receive the University’s Sursum Corda Award, which will be presented to her by Joseph M. McShane, S.J., president of Fordham, in March 2015. (Photo by Joanna Mercuri)
In March 2015, Rosemary Biddle will also receive the University’s Sursum Corda Award which will be presented to her by Joseph M. McShane, S.J., president of Fordham. (Photo by Joanna Mercuri)

Who she is

Office Manager/Budget Officer for Development and University Relations (DAUR). A 15-year veteran of Fordham, Biddle works behind the scenes to manage the inner operations of the 100-member DAUR team.

What she does

“My job has three parts. I’m responsible for the operation of the office including, but not limited to, the provision of keys, office/cubicle nameplates, ordering supplies, coordinating the set-up and installation of computer equipment, and networking with facilities to repair any problems that could affect the office. I’m also responsible for overseeing the departmental budget; bill payment; filing and record keeping; and troubleshooting vendor problems. Finally, I am involved in the hiring process, including processing the paperwork necessary to post positions, maintenance of job descriptions, and advertising. It’s a very interesting job—no two days are the same!”

Before DAUR

“I started at Marymount College in 1999 and worked there through 2002, when Fordham and Marymount consolidated. Then, in 2005, I got my job here in DAUR.

“At Marymount, I worked in the development office—first in gift processing and then in alumni relations. I got to know a number of alumnae. I also loved to work on Marymount reunions. It’s an event that you work on for months and months, and at the very end you get to see it all fall into place.”

And before that…

“I started my career at the New York Telephone Company, which later became Verizon. I began there when I was in high school, working part time as an operator, and stayed after graduating from college. I worked for a number of years as a demand and revenue forecaster. My job involved developing an aggregate forecast for the business market using econometric and time series analysis. I would compare my forecast with my counterparts’ forecasts. Their forecast would be developed by looking at construction activity and the other factors that influence demand on a local basis. We would compare our results, reconcile on a number, and, finally, come up with a forecast for the corporation.”

Keeping it in the Family

“I’m married to a wonderful man, Jim, and I have two beautiful daughters and two absolutely gorgeous grandchildren—Lauren, who is 3, and Connor, who is 9 months.

My daughter Jamie is a 2008 graduate of the Gabelli School of Business, and my nephew, brother-in-law, and cousin are also graduates of Fordham. So I have strong ties to the school.”

The Rosemary Biddle Award

In September, DAUR established the “Rosemary Biddle Award for DAUR Core Values Distinction” and bestowed upon Biddle the inaugural award. Created to honor Biddle as an exemplary employee, the annual award will recognize a member of DAUR who demonstrates an “unstinting dedication, a strong commitment to excellence, and a high level of professionalism while fostering compassion and care for others through their work.”

“When Roger Milici (vice president for DAUR) announced it, I was flabbergasted. Everyone has been so compassionate, especially helping me to care for my husband, who is a stroke and cancer survivor. I’ve been able to take Jim to doctors’ appointments and be with him during critical moments. I’ll be forever grateful to DAUR management for helping me balance what was going on in my life with my work, and to my peers, who have been very understanding.

“To be blessed with an award was just totally unexpected. I’ve been richly blessed by being part of the Fordham team.”


Joanna Klimaski Mercuri is a staff writer in the News & Media Relations Bureau. She can be reached at (212) 636-7175 or [email protected]