The murder of George Floyd and the Covid-19 pandemic brought issues of systematic racism in our society to the forefront of public consciousness last year.

In “Race Issues and Education in America,” a discussion hosted on Thursday, Feb. 11 by the Institute on Religion, Law and Lawyer’s Work with the support of Interfaith Youth Core, a group of experts harkened to past for guidance. Just as faith-led demonstrations and interfaith leaders came together to advocate against racial segregation and oppression during the Civil Rights era, they noted, so too can faith leaders play a role in making sure essential materials needed for teaching and learning still reach minority families and communities.

The discussion, which was moderated by John Mensah, LAW ’19, featured Debbie Almontaser, Ed.D., GSE ’16, CEO of Bridging Cultures Group Inc, and the author of, Leading While Muslim: The Experiences of American Muslim Principals After 9/11 (Roman & Littlefield, 2018); Terrance Sullivan, executive director of the Kentucky Commission on Human Rights; and Sarah Diem, Ph.D., professor of educational leadership & policy analysis at the University of Missouri.

It was co-sponsored Center on Race, Law and Justice, the Feerick Center for Social Justice, Fordham Black Law Students Association, Fordham Latin American Students Association.

Watch below: