Louis Caruana headshot
Louis Caruana, S.J.

Robots have become so sophisticated and such an integral part of our lives, it was perhaps inevitable that the notion of granting them legal protections has become the subject of major debate. In fact, the European Parliament took one step in this direction when it passed a resolution in 2017 to attribute legal personality to intelligent robots.

On Nov. 18, Louis Caruana, S.J., a philosophy professor at the Pontifical Gregorian University in Rome and an adjunct scholar at the Vatican Observatory, addressed the challenges presented by these sorts of actions in his lecture, “Exploring Conceptual Plasticity: Should We Attribute Legal Personality to Intelligent Machines?” The  St. Ignatius Loyola Chair Lecture was presented by Fordham’s Jesuit Community, philosophy department, and the office of the Faculty of Arts and Sciences.

Watch below.