Fifty years after Fordham acquired the 113-acre Rockmoor estate in Armonk, New York, the Louis Calder Center, as it was rechristened, continues to serve as a unique urban outpost for biological research.

Thomas Daniels, Ph.D., director of the center, said the research being conducted in labs there is more important than ever, as every major problem we face today has a biological basis at some point.

“When we talk about global warming, it means forests are changing, vector-borne diseases are coming into places they’ve never been before, world hunger is becoming an issue as our population size is likely to outstrip carrying capacity, and landscapes are going to change with rising sea levels.” he said.

“So if we don’t have people at ground level making good decisions, going to meetings to talk about the value of conservation, and understanding the fact that climate change is a function of human activity, then it’s going to lead to further and further hardship down the road. That’s the value of having an educated populace. Certainly Fordham sees that, and we see it here at Calder.”


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