Frank Hsu, Ph.D., is the Clavius
Distinguished Professor of Science.

Frank Hsu, Ph.D., the Clavius Distinguished Professor of Science, has received a prestigious IBM Faculty Award, a distinction that this year was bestowed upon just 180 individuals worldwide.

The IBM Faculty Award is an annual initiative that fosters collaboration between university professors and researchers and IBM research, development, and service organizations.

Hsu, who also directs the Fordham Laboratory for Informatics and Data Mining, received an award in the field of cyber security.

The award comes with a grant intended to promote curriculum innovation and educational computer programs, encourage the computer science industry to adopt emerging technologies, and create opportunities to attract exceptional technical and business talent.

“Fordham University has established itself as a leader in creating a cyber security ecosystem that fosters the relationship among government agencies, academia, and industry,” said Marisa Viveros, IBM’s vice president for cyber security innovation. “We are excited to work with Dr. Hsu in scaling such a partnership and bring innovation into academic programs.”