To the Fordham community, Alexander van Tulleken, M.D., is the Helen Hamlyn Senior Fellow at the Institute of International Humanitarian Affairs (IIHA), where he teaches undergraduates the finer points of walking into disaster zones around the world.

But before he came to Fordham in 2011, van Tulleken also had an active life in broadcast television, as co-host, along with his twin brother Chris, of the show Medicine Men Go Wild, which aired on the Discovery Channel.

Alex and Chris were back in the spotlight last month, as winners of a British Academy of Children’s Television Award for “Factual” programming. They won for Operation Ouch! a 13-part children’s educational television series about the human body that aired on CBBC in October 2012 and ABC Australia in 2013.

Check out their acceptance speech and post-award interview below. Congratulations to the van Tullekens!

 —Patrick Verel