The Chronicle of Higher Education is reporting that starting in fall 2009, veterans will be able to attend more than 500 private colleges and out-of-state public institutions at a reduced price, thanks to a dollar-for-dollar federal matching program created under last year’s GI bill. Monday marked the final day for colleges nationwide to commit to the Yellow Ribbon Program,under which the federal government will match any financial aid that participating colleges provide to veterans above the cost of the most expensive public college in their state. (See: “More Than 500 Colleges Commit to Participate in New Veterans’ Program” [Subscription Required])

Fordham is a Yellow Ribbon university (there is an open house at Fordham Westchester this evening). The FordhamVets program ensures that the University is as veterans-friendly as possible. Fordham participates in the Yellow Ribbon Program on all campuses, which covers all tuition and fees for Post 9/11 veterans with full benefit eligibility:

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