Dear Members of the Fordham Community:

Fordham Public Safety was notified on Monday, April 24, that two Fordham parents received scam phone calls from an unknown caller impersonating a Fordham Public Safety officer: the caller said that their Fordham students had been arrested and that the department required payment for fines/bail.

The caller spoofed the main Public Safety number: (718) 817-2222, showing it as the caller ID.
No one from Public Safety would ever call a parent or a member of the community and demand payment. Anyone who receives a similar call should contact Public Safety at (718) 817-2222 to verify the caller’s identity (incoming calls to that number are not affected by spoofing and cannot be redirected).

Anyone with information regarding this scam should contact Fordham Public Safety at (718) 817-2222, and ask to speak to a Duty Supervisor.

Robert Fitzer, Associate Vice President
Fordham University Public Safety