Dear Fordham,

Today our Muslim friends celebrate the extraordinary feast of Ramadan, a time of renewal, commitment, and connection. Like Easter and Passover, Ramadan moves with the ancient lunar calendar, beginning with the sighting of the new crescent moon that ushers in the ninth (and most sacred month) of the Islamic year.

Observers will fast from sunrise to sunset and shift their focus to the power of night. They will gather in community, to break the fast with relief and joy, and to pray.

During the day, for 30 days, they will model a remarkable self-restraint, breaking out of the usual distractions of life—to help purify their souls, deepen their empathy, remember the less fortunate, and connect to the Almighty. Opening their hearts to Allah, they renew their commitment to family and community.

The rest of us will support our remarkable and hungry classmates and colleagues with awe.

Prayers and blessings,
Tania Tetlow, President