Seventeen Fordham University alumni are living the Jesuit motto of “men and women for others” this year after committing themselves to the Jesuit Volunteer Corps.

This marks the largest contingent of Fordham alumni serving with the group in 12 years. Fordham is now the third-largest contributor to the program, which has given young men and women the chance to work full-time for peace and justice since 1956.

Joseph Currie, S.J., director of Fordham’s Office of Campus Ministry, said it was extremely gratifying for the University to supply such a large number of alumni to the JVC. He credited the upswing to years of promoting the program to graduating seniors and alumni.

“Volunteering is a strong call to Fordham students,” said Father Currie. He noted that there are 800 current students volunteering in the Bronx through University offices such as the Dorothy Day Center for Service and Justice. Service opportunities on the international level are provided by the Global Outreach program.

“JVC is a natural result of four years at Fordham,” he said. “These alumni are people who want to volunteer while they can, before they take on the responsibilities of a career or settle down with a family. These are women and men with big hearts.”

Father Currie also credited JVC’s popularity to its focus on simple living, community life, prayer and working for justice.

“They’ve been at it long enough to know this is what works,” he said.

The Fordham alumni who are spending the next year with the Jesuit Volunteer Corp are:

• Shauna Barry (FCRH ’09) Urban Ministries, Raleigh, N.C.
• Catherine Carew (FCRH ’09) Brooklyn Jesuit Prep, Brooklyn, N.Y.
• Jennifer Certa (FCRH ’09) YMCA, Missoula, Mont. (JVC Northwest)
• Edward Cullen (FCRH ’09) Brophy College Preparatory, Phoenix
• Timothy Cullen (FCRH ’09) 15 Place Loaves & Fishes Community Ministries, Mobile, Ala.
• Lauren Foley (FCRH ’09) L’Arche Mobile in Mobile, Ala.
• Mary Gibbons (FCRH ’09) Orleans Public Defenders, New Orleans
• Margaret Hannigan (FCRH ’08) Proyecto Pastoral, Los Angeles
• Zachary Intemann (FCRH ’09) Dolores Mission, Los Angeles
• John Lahey (FCRH ’08) Chrysalis, Los Angeles
• Prescott Loveland (FCRH ’07) Louisiana Justice Coalition, New Orleans
• Diana Mazzuca (FCRH ’09) St. Patrick School, Sacramento, Calif.
• Kierstain Quinsland (FCLC ’07) Miriam’s Kitchen, Washington D.C.
• Maria Roselle (FCRH ’09) Food Lifeline, Seattle (JVC Northwest)
• Sean Terry (FCRH ’09) House of Charity, Spokane, Wash. (JVC Northwest)
• Elizabeth Wing (FCRH ’09) 30th Street Senior Center, San Francisco
• Lorena Zamarelli (CBA ’09) South Bay Community Services, San Diego


Patrick Verel is a news producer for Fordham Now. He can be reached at [email protected] or (212) 636-7790.