After two years of celebrating Convocation online, Fordham honored longtime faculty, administrators, and staff in person at the University Church on Sunday, March 6. There, Joseph M. McShane, S.J., president of Fordham, recognized employees who were marking 20 or 40 years of service at Fordham— faculty with the Bene Merenti medal and staff with the Archbishop Hughes medal. Donald D. Clarke, Ph.D., professor of chemistry, received a standing ovation for his 60 years of service. In addition, Robert F. Dineen, Verenika Lasku, and Carolyn Velazquez-Atis were given the Sursum Corda Award for their contributions to the life and mission of Fordham.

Bene Merenti Medal | Forty Years
Janis Barry • Joseph J. Lawton III  • Hans V. Minnich
Robert K. Moniot • Hrishikesh Vinod

Bene Merenti Medal | Twenty Years
Elaine Black • Andrew H. Clark  • George E. Demacopoulos
Sebastian Douglas • J. Andrew Foster • Caroline M. Gentile
Mary T. Harrington • Debra Wallace Hertz • Amir Idris
Maureen Janeski • Javier Jiménez Belmonte • Gregory Jones
James Russell Kelly • Thomas H. Lee • Damian M. Lyons
Catherine Powell • Monica Rivera Mindt • Casey Ruble
Booi Themeli • Karen E. Williams

Archbishop Hughes Medal | Forty Years 
Anna Maria Conte • Carol Murabito

Archbishop Hughes Medal | Twenty Years 
Renaldo D. Alba • John Bach • Alan Cafferkey
Jessica Collins • Tara Czechowski • Denise Daniel-Mack
Stafford Davis • Ursula J. Duran • Janeira Farrano-Martinez
Francoisline Joy Freeman • Audrey Glassman • Raul Herrera
Patrick Holt • Claudia Mancia Parone  • Abel Ponce Montez
Darin Neely • Francis Petit • Francesca A. Riese
Gerald A. Salvador • Charles-Henri Sanson • Gil Severiano
Michael Szabo

Sursum Corda Award
Robert F. Dineen • Verenika Lasku • Carolyn Velazquez-Atis


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