Dear Members of the Extended Fordham Community,

Today I begin my first day as your new president, with all of the eagerness and anxiety of the first day of school. (My 10-year-old daughter Lucy calls this feeling “nex-cited”—nervous and excited at the same time.)

I cannot wait to meet you all, and only wish I could do it simultaneously. I want to know what you love most about Fordham, about your work and studies and research. And I want to hear the ways you constantly work to make Fordham better, and the ideas you have for the future.

I have such big shoes to fill and I will be working very hard to earn your trust. We are going to do great things together.


Tania Tetlow

Editor’s Note: President Tetlow was welcomed at an outdoor coffee reception on July 5 at Rose Hill. She’ll meet the Lincoln Center community at a similar event on July 14. Below are photos from the Rose Hill event, taken by Tom Stoelker.

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