Beginning this year, Fordham English doctoral students in their final year of funding will receive, in addition to their regular fellowships, an additional fund of $4,500 to help offset the cost of the job search process.

“We don’t want our students to restrict their job searches because of the various and accumulating expenses involved. We would like them to cast a broad net, and explore as many options as they can,” said John Bugg, director of graduate studies.

Two years ago, Fordham’s English department joined a handful of other doctoral programs in the country that offer students a six-year funding package. The new job search fund is designed to supplement this package, and is part of a broader effort to address some of the financial burdens that students face.

“Last year we received the highest number of applications to our Ph.D. program in over a decade,” Bugg said, adding that “there is a growing awareness that we’re doing as much as we can to improve the experiences of our students and to help them thrive professionally.”

For more information about the English Ph.D. program, visit the program webpage.