Dear Fordham,

Today we celebrate veterans, especially the many members of our own Fordham community who have served with courage and fortitude. We have more than 300 student veterans on our campuses, about 150 student cadets and midshipmen, and countless others in our faculty, staff, and administration. Fordham has a proud history of educating heroes, including six Medal of Honor winners.

This year, we celebrated 175 years of military service and training. In 1848, anti-immigrant and anti-Catholic forces in the aptly named Know-Nothing party threatened to burn down the Fordham campus. New York state issued Fordham 12 muskets, and lore has it that Fr. John Larkin, S.J., later led students on patrol.

Thus was born our tradition of military training and service. By World War II, Fordham’s ROTC programs were producing more officers for the Army than West Point. Fordham was an early leader in welcoming thousands of GI Bill veterans. We are thrilled to continue to attract remarkable and dedicated veterans, determined beyond measure.

On behalf of all of the rest of us, we thank you, not just with words but with constant efforts to support you better.

All my best,

Tania Tetlow