Fordham University has made a donation to the Amsterdam Houses and Amsterdam Addition in Manhattan in an effort to ensure residents had a safe and fulfilling Thanksgiving holiday.

“Given the increased threat that COVID-19 poses to the most vulnerable members of the Amsterdam community, Fordham would like to be of assistance,” said Lesley Massiah-Arthur, associate vice president and special assistant to the president for government relations.

The University has worked annually with residents of the housing project—which is adjacent to Fordham’s Lincoln Center campus on West 60th Street—to provide Thanksgiving meals and other things that the residents need during the holidays.

Through the Office of Government and Urban Affairs and the Office of the Vice President for Administration, this year the University donated 300 Foamy IQ wall hand sanitizers, 25 bottles of 12-oz hand sanitizers, 800 face masks, and 150 boxes of latex gloves. Supplies were split evenly between the Amsterdam Houses and the Amsterdam Addition.

A monetary donation of $1,000 toward the Addition’s Thanksgiving programming was also included; it was used to purchase turkeys and pies.

“The residents and the community are so grateful. The kids truly appreciate it. Fordham has been nothing but an absolute blessing,” said Patricia Ryan, president of the Amsterdam Addition Tenants Association. “Thanks to Fordham University, the residents, the children, the seniors are very happy. We are just so appreciative for that.”