This year marked another success for the Fordham Fulbright program. For the fifth time in the school’s history, Fordham has made the Chronicle of Higher Education’s list of top Fulbright-producing institutions.

Fordham named top Fulbright-producing institution for 2014-15The 11 Fulbright winners for 2014-15 placed Fordham at No. 15 among doctoral/research institutes on The Chronicle’s annual list of top producers, which was released on Feb. 12.

The University is in a four-way tie for the 15th place with Columbia University, Johns Hopkins University, and the University of Southern California, each of which also had 11 Fulbright winners.

“All of our Fulbright applicants worked exceptionally hard on their applications,” said Rebecca Stark-Gendrano, Fulbright Fellowship coordinator.

“One thing that really distinguishes the winners of the 2014-15 competition is their success in finding a distinctive voice. It takes a lot of writing and re-writing to craft application statements that are compelling, well-researched, and authentic.”

As of Feb. 12, five students won English Teaching Assistantships (ETA) and six students won research and study grants. The 11 winners came from a pool of 54 applications for a yield rate of 20 percent.

Fordham’s 2014-15 Fulbright winners are:

  • Pedro Cameselle, GSAS ’16, to Uruguay for his project “The Forgotten Neighbor: The Challenge of Uruguay-US Relations during the FDR Era”
  • Molly Clemens, FCLC ’14, to Australia for her project “Utilizing Evolutionary Resilience to Promote Biodiversity”
  • Daniel Davies, LAW ’14, to the Netherlands for his project “Law and Politics of International Security”
  • Henrique DeAgular Valim, FCLC ’14, to Germany, for his project “The role of the plant circadian clock in mediating competition within monocultures”
  • Mary Hamilton, FCRH ’14 to Taiwan for her project “Ancient Sailing Techniques among Taiwan’s Indigenous Peoples”
  • Taylor Jacob, FCRH ’14, to the United Kingdom for her project “Conscientious Objection and Christian Obligation in Women’s Healthcare”
  • Alexander Levine, FCRH ’14, ETA to India
  • Leila Nabizadeh, GSE, 14, ETA to Malaysia
  • Catherine Paul, FCRH ’13, ETA to Malaysia
  • Kyle Shook, GSE ’17, ETA to Poland
  • Matthew Sinise, GSB ’14, ETA to Argentina

Another student, Matthew Solomon, LAW ’14, won a Fulbright-Clinton fellowship to Myanmar.

Dhurata Osmani, FCRH ’14, and Evangelos Razis, FCLC ’14, were selected as alternates in the final round.

The Fulbright Program is the U.S. Department of State’s flagship international educational exchange program. Since its inception in 1946, the program has provided more than 360,000 participants with the opportunity to exchange ideas and contribute to finding solutions to shared international concerns.

Chosen for their academic merit and leadership potential, more than 1,800 U.S. students, artists, and young professionals in more than 100 different fields of study are offered Fulbright grants annually to study, teach English, and conduct research around the world.


Joanna Klimaski Mercuri is a staff writer in the News & Media Relations Bureau. She can be reached at (212) 636-7175 or [email protected]