More than six months after Hurricane Sandy struck the east coast, many local families are still struggling to rebuild their homes and lives. In an effort to help those affected, Fordham University has sponsored a series of one-day outings known as “Sandy Saturdays” to work with affected communities.

On April 20, Fordham will run its final Sandy Saturday of the semester. Volunteers will travel to Breezy Point to help clear debris, gut devastated homes, and assist in the beginnings of the rebuilding efforts. Groups will join Habitat for Humanity and other organizations already working in the area.

To learn about the volunteers’ Jan. 26 experience, read the article on Fordham’s news blog

Volunteers will depart from Fordham at 7:30 a.m. and, following a full day’s labor, will return to Fordham by 5 p.m. Transportation and meals will be provided.

“Sandy Solidarity calls out the entire Fordham family to live with a true spirit of compassion, to truly live out our Fordham mission in this time of ongoing need,” said Monsignor Joseph G. Quinn, vice president for University mission and ministry.

Fordham is requesting the help of faculty, staff members, administrators, and friends of the Fordham community to chaperone students on the outings. Anyone interested in either chaperoning or volunteering should contact the Dorothy Day Center for Service and Justice at (718) 817-4510 or by going online here.

More information about additional trips and ongoing relief efforts will be provided in a forthcoming Inside Fordham article.