Fordham values robust and civil discourse. Toward that end, we ask that you refrain from using profanity and from making personal attacks in any comments posted to University social media platforms. We welcome critical posts and opposing points of view, and hope that visitors to the University’s social media pages will help us maintain an open and collegial atmosphere.

The University reserves the right to delete any posting or comment it deems offensive from Fordham blogs, Facebook pages, or other social media platforms, and to block users without prior notice. As a rule, we delete advertisements for non-Fordham events, products, businesses and fundraisers.

Any questions regarding this policy or Fordham’s social media presence may be addressed to:

Bob Howe | Assistant Vice President for Communications
(212) 636-6538 | [email protected]


Bob Howe | Senior Director of Communications Office (212) 636-6538 | Mobile (646) 228-4375