The Graduate School of Education (GSE) and Pearson will team up this week to announce technology that will help New York schools transition to a forthcoming “Response to Intervention” system, or RtI.

Intended to close the achievement gaps between students, RtI matches instruction and interventions to actual student needs. In addition, the system helps identify students struggling with such subjects as reading and math in order to intervene before the problem becomes insurmountable.

Starting July 2012, all New York state schools must have an RtI plan established.

To help schools transition smoothly to RtI-structured curricula, GSE’s Rosa A. Hagin Consultation and Early Childhood Centers will join Pearson on March 29 to present technology known as AIMSweb.

AIMSweb is a system that benchmarks student learning and monitors students’ progress over an extended period of time. All students are assessed three times per year and at-risk students are monitored monthly. Results are then communicated to students, parents, teachers, and administrators via a web-based reporting system.

To learn more about the system, join GSE and Pearson March 29 in the 12th floor lounge of the Lowenstein Center, Lincoln Center campus. Registration opens at 8:15 a.m.

The event is open to the public and is free to Fordham faculty and students.

RSVP by email to [email protected].

—Joanna Klimaski