The inaugural Fordham Westchester Executive Master of Business Administration (EMBA) cohort of 2010 started classes on January 8. The vibrant, dynamic and diverse class consists of 22 executive students (see details below).

The intensive 22-month program is growing in popularity: in Fiscal Year 2005, it generated 1,392 credit hours (AEMBA Cohorts 1 and 2); in Fiscal Year 2009, the EMBA program will generate 2,352 credit hours (AEMBA Cohorts 5, 6 and Westchester Cohort 1). This represents a 69 percent increase in credit hours in a four-year period. GBA anticipates the credit hours to grow in Fiscal Year 2010, as it will have four EMBA cohorts running concurrently for the first time.

Cohort Statistics
Number of Executives in Cohort: 22
Program Tuition: $80,000
Mean Age: 35
Mean Years of Work Experience: 13
Percent Male: 59
Percent Female: 41
Percent Full Financial Sponsorship: 16
Percent Partial Financial Sponsorship: 58
Percent Self Sponsored: 26
Mean Salary: $125,000

Industries Represented in Cohort: finance, insurance, utilities, sports, non-profit, media, medical, pharmaceuticals, banking and packaged goods.

Titles Represented in Cohort: senior director, vice president, associate executive director, content director, sales consultant and chief construction inspector.

Organizations Represented in Cohort: ESPN, Medco Health Solutions, Mastercard, Con Edison, Crossfire Consulting, Academy of Management and WFUV.

Academic Institutions Represented in Cohort: New York Medical College (MPH), University of Maryland, Fordham University, Manhattan College, DePaul University, City College of New York, St. John’s University and Penn State University.