Contact: Michele Snipe (212) 636-7013 [email protected] NEW YORK: A study of Fordham’s incoming freshmen has revealed that Sept. 11 did not overwhelmingly affect their decision to attend college in New York City. Eighty-two percent of the students polled reported that the events of Sept 11 did not make any difference in their decision to attend school in NYC, while 14 percent said the tragedy made them more likely to attend school in the city, and 4 percent said it made them less likely to attend.

“In the face of the tragedy of last September and the uncertainty that followed, we tried to emphasize three themes: the strength of our community and the manner in which we reached out to the city to help; the resiliency, compassion and vibrancy of the city; and Fordham’s values-based education,” said John Buckley, assistant vice president for enrollment Of the 1,346 students at Fordham’s Lincoln Center and Rose Hill campuses who completed the survey, 64 percent said the events of Sept. 11 did not affect their feelings about going to school in New York City and 85 percent said that the events did not cause them to reconsider their major or course of study.